Deserted Pink Look

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Hi everyone! Surprise surprise! I made my first youtube video.:) *clap clap clap*  Well I'm sure I already have mentioned time and time again how much I wanted to try and vlog and try and make a video but I just couldn't because a) I have no guts to film myself yet. b) I don't have time to edit videos and upload them as it takes forever to finish. But I really wanted to give it a shot, so I did.

I have to say I admire vloggers as editting really takes hours! My hubby got home and saw that my eyes were red- all from focusing and looking at the computer the whole day. And since it's my first time editting, it took me more than 5 hours I think. Haha! But I'm pretty happy with the result. Still have flaws here and there but I think it would suffice for now. Heck that's about 10 hours of my time in there! Haha! :p But seriously, I really want to learn and of course improve.

So here is the look that I did a tutorial of:

Watch the video here or visit my youtube channel by clicking here:

Sorry for the wrong spelling of Desert in the title page. Didn't notice it before uploading. :p

Products mentioned are:
Maybelline BB Cream
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals in Buff
LuLu Makeup Corrector Wheel (buy it at
Max Factor Panstick in True Beige
Fashion 21 Loose Powder #6
LuLu Makeup Madrid Palette (buy it at
Elianto Soft Yellow E/S
Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick in Yellow
Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara
Modelco Eyebrow Designer Kit in Dark
MAC Browset in Beguile
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Caramel
LuLu Makeup Beverly Hills Palette (buy it at
Etude House Soft Beam Highlighter

I named it Deserted Pink because I was inspired with really warm colors like brown, tan and yellow. I immediately thought of the desert and that I knew that I'd love the look because of the nice blending of the colors. I just used pink lipshade because I wanted it to be kind of neutral and just complimentary to the eye makeup.

Here are some more photos of the look:

And with flash:

So that's it for my first video! I hope it's okay. Do give me comments and suggestions too. I'd appreciate it. :) So yes please subscribe to my youtube channel. My name's msyellowyum in youtube because yellowyum has already been taken. :( Oh by the way, I also changed my twitter name to MsYellowYum from CharYellowYum for consistency. I don't want my readers to keep track of so many different names. So yes, follow me on twitter via @MsYellowYum. :)

Thanks guys and I'd love to hear from you! :)

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  1. Im just curious, the look is entitled deserted pink look but there was no pink color used.

  2. Oh I was actually just pertaining to the lips for the "pink part". I kind of muted the lip and used a pale pink shade to make it look matte. :)

  3. I appreciate the whole look and the effort you put in.. GO GO GO girl! subtle and natural- looks good on you! *clap clap*

  4. Hi Ms. Char.
    Watched your first vid. :)
    Congrats? tama ba yun hehe
    nway, i love it na di ka pacute.
    and u look serious doing your makeup.
    that's just the way we do it really.
    Straight to the point ang video mo.
    So i love it more. mas natural ang dating.
    just the texts/captions siguro next time iba color ng fonts. or sa ibabaw ng ulo mo kaya ilagay para mas mabilis basahin. :)since meron ka pa space dun.

    more tutorials pa ha. will be looking forward to that.

    great first video..

  5. Thanks Diane! Was kinda nervouse nga na it won't be good enough. Haha!

    OMG Belle, I'm sooooooo touched. Sobrang thanks sa comment and suggestions mo ha. Sobrang laking help nyan sakin. I'll definitely keep those in mind. :) Thanks so much!

  6. Congrats on your first ever video tutorial!!!^__^ I shall subscribe to you now on Youtube!

    I love the look, thank you for sharing Char.<3

    By the way, I gave six awards for you!

  7. You are very cute girl =)

  8. Hey Char! Congratulations on your Vlog! i really appreciate people doing something like that (since you're tutoring about make up) and girls like me really needs to be instructed step-by-step. thanks for that and i hope you'd follow me back :)


  9. Thank you ladies! Appreciate all the comments and the love! :)

  10. Pretty and simple.<3(:


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