Etude House Shopping Spree

You have probably read about the Etude House Opening Party I attended last week, now it’s time for an open bag peek of what I got. The post is a little picture heavy. I’ll review and share with you my experience with the products next time.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the receipt and I did not memorize the prices of the items. :/

First let me share with you what I got for my man. ;) I knew that he’s almost done with his current cleanser, so I asked the salesgirl if they have a men’s line and I chose to get him this Cleansing Foam as a “pasalubong”. I wonder if he’ll get great skin like Korean stars?

Love Homme Cleansing Foam

Now on to my makeup! I wanted to buy a lot but some of the items I wanted to get were all sold out like the Proof 10 Makeup Mist, Tangerine/Peach cream blush, Orange/Tangerine lipstick.

I got a highlighter! I super love how pigmented  the tester is and honestly, I still can’t make up my mind if I’d put it in my personal makeup stash or my clients’ makeup stash. Haha! But I will definitely try this first before using it to my clients (that is if I decide to do so. *evil laugh*)

Sweet Beam Highlighter


Again, one of my favorite favorite products of Etude House is the Soft Touch Auto Lipliner! I got a refill for less than P50.00

Soft Touch Auto Lipliner

Shade 1

It’s more on the pink side than neutral.

Next is Bling Bling Eye Stick. I saw this and immediately thought of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. They’re actually the same concept and I have already tried this, and it’s really nice!

  I got the yellow shade.

It has a bit of shimmer and it glides really smoothly.

Close up

Lastly, I finally gave in and purchased a hot pink lipstick for myself!

Code B lipstick in PK001

Look at how cute the packaging is!
This is my cutest lipstick yet!

The shade is hot pink. Yes, I’m going back to pink lippies again. :) I love the shade so much. I’ll definitely post photos next time.

Aside from the products that I bought, I also got some freebies. Since I bought a total of P1500, I was given a chance to play spin the wheel and got a free bookmark. Also, they gave me a Miss Tangerine sticker, facial tissue and eyebrow shaver kit.

 facial tissue, Miss Tangerine sticker, bookmark

eyebrow shaver kit

And lastly, I was also given a lootbag. Products I will review and post about next time.

 O2 White Kit

Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet

Rich Butter Foot Mask

Rich Butter Hand Mask
 Petit Bijou Peach Spray
  Super cute makeup pouch

 Lock & Lock water tumbler 

I am so excited! I have already tried and used a few products and I am really really happy and I feel excited to review and share more about the products. :)



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