Sumo Sam

Japanese food is my favorite cuisine of all time! I love love Japanese food and as some of you may already know, my favorite Japanese restaurant is Omakase. Omakase is LOVE! :)

Craving for Japanese, I went out with my super friend Eric the other day. We went to Shangrila Plaza and he suggested Sumo Sam. One not-so-expensive-not-so-cheap restaurant. And since I was already starving, it was almost 3pm and I haven’t eaten lunch at that time yet, I said yes.

I have already eaten in Sumo Sam before, with H. I think we’ve already dined here twice and I remember thinking the restau is quite pricey.

Well let me share with you what we had:

 Red Iced Tea P98.00

Their iced tea is bottomless, so of course I got one for myself. Ya’ll know how much I love bottomless drinks. Though I’d say the price is quite steep. Normally, it’s around P60-80 for bottomless drinks.

Las Vegas Roll P248.00

Eric ordered this dish and I got to taste a piece. The thing on top is cheese!!! Yumyumyum! It’s a very delicious maki mainly because of the overflowing cheese.
  Tori Chizu Roll P208.00

Super delicious! It’s chicken, there’s cheese, carrots and ham on the inside. :)

Now, on to my order. I was very very hungry when I got to the restaurant because I haven’t had lunch and it was almost 3pm, so I have decided to order their Chicken Combo – P478.00.

The combo includes the ff:

California Maki

Miso Soup
  Side Salad

Fried Rice

Chicken Teriyaki
and I chose Ebi Tempura for the side dish

I super super love this combo and it’s so filling! I was so full after eating. All my dishes were very delicious. I think the combo would actually feed two people. Because I was really really stuffed after eating everything. Haha! :)

The interiors of Sumo Sam is quite nice, modern Japanese theme. The waiters looked very modern with their highlights and the whole restaurant’s clean. The food in Sumo Sam is very good, but they’re a little expensive. I don’t eat here very often because they’re pricey but now that I learned that they have combo meals, I might go back for those and share the combo with H or a friend. :)

Have you eaten here? Any favorites? :)

Sumo Sam branches:
Powerplant Mall 729-629
Shangrila Plaza Mall 637-5704
Trinoma Mall 901-3262



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