Maybelline Stiletto Run

Onto the main event! I was asked so many times if I was going to run as well since I was wearing stilettos too. I nicely declined the offer because of the following:
1. I was wearing faulty stilettos. I was afraid that I will trip.
2. I had to cover the event and I wanted to take the snaps.
3. I was scared that I’ll fall. :/

So yes, I ended up sitting this one out. But a lot of women joined! In store was P10,000 worth of Maybelline products plus a P10,000 shopping spree in Robinsons Department Store.

Here are the women who braved the marathon:

It was no easy fight. It was about 200+ meters long. Marj and Kris Mae actually checked out the red carpert and checked how long the “race track” was and told me it was definitely LONG.

When the race was about to start, I honestly felt the chills and adrenaline. I was so pumped that I started cheering for no one in particular. Haha! People were screaming and the ladies were actually “in it to win it”.

See how excited they are?

Anyways, I thought that it would take them quite awhile to finish the race, but I saw the media people running toward the finish line so when I followed, I was so surprised that the people were screaming “ayan na, parating na.” And it was just about a minute or even less than a minute!

So finally, the first winner came and fell right as she crosses the finish line and the second one came close and fell right on top of her. Talk about a "sweep" victory.

Of course, the Maybelline team were there to catch and help the girls out. The girls said that they were okay and they were still all smiles. Probably because they knew they won the race. ;)

When it was time to announce the winners, people gathered to the stage and got excited to see  who the winners are.

But first, they announced the special prizes:

Marj Sia won Most Stylish Stilettos

Sarah Santiago for the Highest Stilettos
She wore 5.5 inch stilettos!

Denny Rose Afinidad fot the Most Stunning Outfit

They also awarded the Biggest Barkada

And here are the three ladies who strutted, graced and ran the race successfully!

2nd Runner Up- Racquel Perez

1st Runner Up- Racquel Polvoroza

 Winner- Joanna Joy Cardinez

  Congratulations girls!
You truly deserve it.

Was able to take photos of these two lovely ladies who won special prizes!

The event was a success and it was so fun to watch. I’m sure the girls also had lots of laughs too. It’s a new activity, a new race. And it just makes us love our stilettos even more!

And I am so excited to try my Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara. I am a big lash person and I love anything eyelash related. So if it gives the same effect what my stilettos do for my legs, it’s definitely going to give me long, sexy and flirty lashes! I lalalalove it! :)



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