Maybelline BB Cream

As per my First Look post on Maybelline BB Cream, I’ve been using it since the day I got it. So I guess it’s high time to review it.

Obviously, I’m not one who’s particular with packaging but the packaging of Maybelline’s BB Cream is very convenient. It’s not very big, not bulky at all. And because it’s a tube type of packaging, it’s so easy to use.

For the quality, I actually was a little scared to use it at first because from my research, some BB creams turn gray and darken after a couple of hours. And since  I’m acidic and my makeup really does darken, the thought of using another layer of product that would make my entire face turn gray scared me. But since I wanted to try it and give you my two cents, I decided to go ahead and use it.

Happily, my makeup stayed its color. Still darkened a little because I’m acidic, but not to the point of me looking like ash. Haha! Basically, I looked normal. It surprised me that I was starting to love this product.

I also felt that my makeup goes smoothly over the BB cream. I haven’t tried other BB cream brands so I cannot give a comparison, but Maybelline’s BB cream made my skin more radiant. I would use it and set it with loose powder, and my skin looks nice. It makes my entire face look smoother and helps even out my skin tone.

Using BB Cream topped with loose powder only

As for coverage, like I mentioned before, it doesn’t do much. Even though it’s already an all in one foundation/moisturizer, I still feel like it gives light coverage. So I would recommend putting powder foundation on top if you really need more coverage.

I loved using the product and I still am using it until now. Although it has only one shade, it blends to the natural skin tone. It’s not mattifying enough for me, so a mattifying product is still needed. However, for those with dry or normal skin, I would say this will suffice.

I give it two thumbs up and I am definitely getting myself another tube after I finish this! :) Did I mention, it’s so affordable? It really is a great deal! And a product coming from Maybelline, you’re sure you’ll get your money’s worth and more.


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3 out of 3 Schnauzers

Disclaimer: Products sent by company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.



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