Makeup Shopping for Foundation

I struggled what to use as title because first, I wanted to say personal shopping because it’s like the people you hire to shop for you since I was actually shopping for my aunt. However, “personal shopping” also sounds like shopping for myself. So I decided to go with makeup shopping.

Anyways, I helped Aunt B shop for her makeup stash. One of which was to find her a perfect liquid foundation. I asked her to join me because I wanted to swatch different shades on her to find the correct and perfect shade. It’s not easy to decide on a shade without testing it.

I had three dept store  brands in mind. I’m curious about two of them since I haven’t tried them yet and I thought they’re worth giving a try and the other I have already used before. I asked Aunt B to choose two so we can test them on her.

So first stop, we went to Foundie Brand #1 and asked the SA to apply the product on one side of the face. Foundie Brand #1 was applied on the left side of her face.

Next, we went to another brand, Foundie Brand #2 and again, I asked the SA to apply the foundation to the other side of her face. It was applied on the right side of her face.

Aunt B noticed that Foundie Brand #1 felt lighter on the face but started caking up. I told her that one reason may be because the SAs did not set the foundation with powder. So I set it myself. I set her entire face with pressed powder and I told her that we should go shop for other stuff first so that the makeup will set and be absorbed by the skin. We’ll also get to see how the shade would look like after it oxidizes. This is a great tip to people who would want to find the perfect shade of foundation.

While shopping, Aunt B says that Foundie Brand #1 feels very light like she’s not wearing any makeup at all, while Foundie Brand #2, even though it didn’t feel too heavy, she still feels like she is wearing makeup. The coverage when you see her in person looks the same. Both foundie brands are buildable.

After an hour, I told Aunt B that I will take a photo of her. This is to show us how the makeup would look in photo. Because when we all look at her, it looks the same.

  Zoom in to see the difference

It shows in the photo that the left side of her face looks better than the right. It’s more glowing, more radiant. For me, it looks healthier. Both foundation shades fit her skin tone really well but Foundie Brand #1 looks really really good on her.

Ready to find out what brand it is? It is Max Factor Xperience Foundation.

Beautiful flawless skin – doesn't that mean a thick, full coverage foundation? Not with our new Xperience Weightless Foundation. Its formula contains natural jojoba extract, gives flawless coverage with a surprisingly air - light feel.

I personally haven’t tried this yet but it looks so promising and after seeing what it did to Aunt B, I can’t wait to try it too! Has anyone tried this foundation already? Did it make your face that glowing too?



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