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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Loreal Open Eyes - Cobalt

I got a new eyeshadow palette from my mum one time I visited my old residence.

Loreal Open Eyes -  Cobalt

I immediately loved the palette because blue eyeshadows actually look pretty on me. Haha! Surprisingly they compliment my brown eyes quite nicely.

Her’s how it look inside:

The shades are gorgeous!

The palette is composed of three shades of the same family, in this case they’re blue. There’s one for highlight color as well. I like that at the back, there’s a guide/illustration. I think this helps a lot, especially for those who are just starting to do makeup.

Here are some swatches:

no flash

with flash

I’m very excited to try out this palette. I could already imagine how it would look like. Plus it can go from day to night! I also like that it already has a highlight color and the darkest shade (navy almost dark gray shade), I can use as eyeliner too!

Thanks to my mum for giving me this gorgeous palette! :)


I'm glad you like it. I know when it comes to makeup, you're the PRO!

Hi.Nice post. Well, kinda starting to gather my own kikay kit pa lang and it will be a great help if you could help me out whether to have this item or not. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks! :)

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