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One of my favorite things in the world is massages. And I share the same interest with my MIL. In our home, we have 2 massage beds, 2 massage chairs and an unlimited number of  massage and heating pads. Haha! But we both agree that having a masseuse is still the best.

When I was contacted for a massage and body scrub with masque home service, it was actually a great timing as our home service masseuse just recently told me that she might be going abroad next month. I sure was very sad and I knew I needed some pampering.

BENETT JOYCE HOME SERVICE NAILS AND SPA is a premier quality spa and a sanctuary of relaxation and renewal.

We offer an essential union of luxurious therapies infused with the intimacy and comfort of your own home. We invite you to discover the haven of restoration that your home can become.

Designed for pure relaxation and pampering, we offer a range of treatments from an extensive menu including massages, hand and foot care, as well as body treatments for skin whitening and anti aging using pure natural ingredients. We also help organize special events, parties and many different celebrations. Our goal is to keep you and your friends together


Yhobie came to our home wearing a blue terno/scrubs and c0omplete with all spa essentials. She was right on time. Benett Joyce Nails & Spa accepts reservation from 2pm to 12mn.

I escorted her and the driver to the room and they immediately setup. I saw photos of their set up thru their website and I would say that’s their main difference from other home service massages. They really bring the spa experience to the comfort of your home.

Please ignore the messy things in the room. Hehe!

I personally appreciate the little details Benett Joyce Nails & Spa puts into their services. Little things like these do make a difference for spa enthusiasts such as myself.

My most favorite detail is the music they bring. Yhobie brought out her small radio and after setting up she played an instrumental cd. It made me even more relaxed.

They also bring their own massage beds. Although according to Yhobie, you have to request for it. She told me that some clients prefer to not use the massage beds.

We started with my scrub and masque. I chose Green Tea Whitening Sugar Glow Body Polish. I loved the smell of green tea. Their green tea had a hint of peppermint so it smelled cool as well.

  Clockwise: Cleanser, Butter, Masque, Scrub

Before starting, Yhobie put plastic for my wrap later on.

She started by dry brushing my body. It felt really nice, a little tickly. This was to open the pores and scrub the dead skin a little. Then she scrubbed my body with the green tea scrub. I would guess that the scrub used is epsom salt, because it’s not as fine as dead sea salt but it did n0t hurt my skin very much. While scrubbing, the aroma of green tea and the music made me even more relaxed and calm. She continued with spreading the masque all over my body.  I actually didn’t see how the masque looked like because at this point I have already dozed off. It was soooo relaxing, I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Platic wrapped Char

She kept me wrapped for a few minutes and let me nap for a while. And she gently tapped my shoulder and asked me to shower before continuing the massage.

Happy! :)

When I showered, I saw the masque. It was just a thin layer of something like a clay pack. And when I showered, it was instantly removed. Didn’t take much effort on my part to scrub it.

When I went back to the room, Yhobie has already fixed the things she needed and no longer needed. She already kept the plastic wrap and just left the body butter and I asked to add Grapefruit massage oil. Surprisingly, grapefruit and green tea smell alike. And I love massage oils! I always prefer massage oils than lotions.

And then it was time for my massage. I got combination for my massage.  It was for 1 hour. She started with my legs and feet going to my back. She used a kneading technique (use of forearm and elbow). I dozed off when she massaged my arms and head. I’m a big reflex girl and that’s my most favorite. Yhobie had a good technique, the sequence was good.

Since their theme was the beach, sand and seashells, I would have wanted to hear the sound of waves splashing or wind blowing. I think that would be nice also. The massage bed was okay, very sturdy but it doesn’t have a hole in it. I personally don’t mind but others would maybe want that.

Overall, the experience was very very good. They finished right on time and I wanted more. The massage quality was really good as well as the body scrub. I liked the dry brushing part to be honest. It was relaxing, very calming. I love all the detail that Benett Joyce put into. I didn’t have to bring or prepare anything because they are complete and they bring everything that they need. It was indeed my own personal spa.

Here’s their price list:


They are currently looking for a space for their spa. If you would like to suggest any location, please do so and I’d be glad to forward it to them.

Benett Joyce Nails & Spa

Globe:   +63927-5780539   
Smart:   +63949-1597439  
Sun:   +63933-5770503

Operating hours: 2:00PM-12:00MN

Disclaimer: Service given by company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.



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