NYX Cream Blushes

Here’s a very late post of the NYX Cream Blushes that I got last year from the Super Sale bazaar. I already swatched the blushes before but for some reason, I couldn’t find the photos in my camera nor in my hard drive. So I had to reswatch them again and it took me this long to do so. :(

IMG_0235_thumb2 Glow & Rose Petal

 Rose Petal & Glow

It’s already messy because I’ve already used it a couple of times.

IMG_0235_thumb2Rose Petal

I love Rose Petal. It’s kind of peachy and more on earthy tone. It looks very natural on the cheeks. When swiped, it looks really preally pretty. I would recommend this to anyone even for morenas. It’s a very flattering shade. I wear this when I wear neutral and natural makeup or more on the brown side.

IMG_0235_thumb2 Glow

Now, Glow, on the other hand, is more of a pink blush. When blended it’s  absorbed by the skin makes the cheeks look like they were pinched. It’s a cute blush that I use if I want more attention to my cheeks (say I’m not wearing not much makeup) or pair it with a pink lippie.

I swatched them side by side in different lighting for comparison:

Glow is on the Left & Rose Petal is on the Right

I usually use a Stippling Brush to apply the cream blush. I find this better in placing the color and blending it without removing the color. I also use a powder blush after. I would choose a powder blush close to the shade of the cream blush or if I don’t want to alter the shade of the cream blush at all, I just choose a very very light shade of powder blush.

I find that using cream blush makes the blush last longer than just powder blush. It acts as a primer and makes the powder stick to the skin better. I’m really happy with these purchases. :)

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