Mojito & Misa in High Waist Hue

Before I start with my post, can anybody tell me why it’s so hard to post photos in Multiply? I don’t know if it’s just now or if Multiply is undergoing some improvements or what. But I’ve been sitting here trying to upload photos, and it’s just not working. 🙁 Anyways, I’ll just try again.
On to my post for this lovely Sunday. I wanted to share with you one service that I tried in Cozy Nail Lounge. It’s their best selling Mojito! It’s a treatment that moisturizes the feet. I also chose a new polish to try. I’ve heard good feedback about Misa so Misa it is!
Foot Wrap

The feet is wrapped in foot moisturizer wrap. The wrap has a lotion-type of formula inside. The feet is soaked for about 15 minutes. When I asked what’s inside, Kristine, who was my therapist, said that it’s the foot moisturizer that will make the feet soft and prepare it for filing later.

Next is a foot massage, just about three to five minutes before removing the foot wrap.

Kristine files the feet. She uses something like a big nail file to do this. While filing, dry skin falls off. As you can see in the photo above, the white particles is actually my dry skin.

Kristine also says that it’s normal for the skin to still peel off even after a day or two. Mine didn’t peel off the next day, it did after two days. But it wasn’t gross or anything like that. I could just feel the dry skin peeling.
  Enjoying free WIFI at Cozy.

Kristine cleans, puts lotion to moisturize the feet even more, files and cuts the nails. The protocol of having a pedicure.

Misa in High Waist Hue
no flash

First is base coat. Cozy uses Orly. This prevents yellowish nails and makes the polish last longer. Then the polish chosen and lastly, they also put top coat. This makes the polish shinier.
After the Mojito treatment, the soles of my feet did feel softer. I like this better than just getting a foot scrub. And as I mentioned earlier, my feet peeled two days after getting a Mojito which is normal.
Kristine said that this is recommended for those who have cracked heels, very dry feet and those who usually wear open shoes or sandals. Once a month of getting a Mojito is a good maintenance to keep the soles and the feet moisturized and looking healthy! 🙂

Disclaimer: Service given by company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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  • I think I need this! :))

  • Hi Michelle, yeah it's really nice. I was impressed that the soles of my feet became softer afterwards.

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