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I’ve been out of the loop and decided to stay home today to rest, blog and do a little backwork. Coming home from my Baguio trip, I couldn’t help but feel lazy. Baguio’s weather’s just sooo nice and sooo cool. Here in Manila, even though it’s not scorching hot, is still so warm compared to Baguio.

Anyways, before I went for a mini vacation with my friends, I chanced upon Shen of’s post about DIY-ing your own lightbox. My aunt, who’s a photographer, has told me about this before, but being a non-professional photographer that I am (I only have a point-and-shoot camera, but I love it to death), I didn’t feel the need for it. Plus the fact is I love giving my readers uneditted photos of the products I review. I just feel like it looks more real, simpler. But I know that at one point or another I have to also try and improve on my photo-taking skills. :)

So I did follow  Shen’s advice and with the help of H, here’s my new lightbox:

Plastic container- already have it at home
Lamp- borrowed from my SIL
2 Emergency Lights- also at home
White Cartolina- bought from the bookstore
Extension cord (not in photo) – also at home

I didn’t need to spend too much, the only thing I bought is the white cartolina. :) Weepee!

So to put it to the test, I took one of the products I wanted to talk about and tried to use the lightbox to take photos of it. :)
*Note: One of the emergency lights (right one) wasn’t fully charged, so the photos are still a little bit dark because the left light was brighter than the other.

 Body Shop Lipstick #49

This is my first Body Shop lipstick. And #49 is a purple-reddish shade that looks natural. It has tiny fragments of glitters that looks really nice when the light hit it or for flash photography. I also feel that purple shades looks natural and fresh for lippies and even for blushes. I wanted an everyday lipstick and since I love different shades of lipsticks, this is a perfect addition to my stash.

Plus it gives the lips that pinkish look that’s not too overpowering. I like this shade because it makes my lips look kissable and plumper without looking like I am wearing too much lipstick.


This is the lipstick that I used throughout my Baguio trip. :) It wasn’t attention grabbing but I looked naturally made up. :)

How about you? What’s your to-go-to lippie for a no makeup makeup look?

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  1. Thanks Michelle! Have to adjust here and there, but I'll get the hang of it I'm sure.


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