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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pooch Park Holiday Photo Contest

Hi everyone! As you all know... today is the last day of submitting your entries for my Birthday Giveaway Contest. Do send them now! Check out the details and prizes here! And for this Christmas, we bring you another contest. It's especially for all dog owners out there! To all dog lovers out there, do join this contest!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR from POOCH PARK DOGGIE DAY CARE! As our way to show our appreciation to our loyal customers, we are giving away free services this Holiday Season!

Three lucky pooches will get a chance to win Full Grooming and Massage Session by our Internationally Certified Professional Groomer and Pooch Park Doggie Day Care Owner, Mr. Oliver Tan.


  1. Like” the Facebook Fan Page of Pooch Park
  2. Email the cutest, most creative and most unique photo of your dog together with his/her name, owner’s name, telephone/mobile number at Subject: Holiday Photo Contest
  3. Repost the contest image via facebook and you must tag 12 of your friends including @Pooch Park.
  4. Ask your friends to “Like” your entry photo from our album.
Most number of Likes will be proclaimed the winner. So ask them to “Like” your pet’s photo to increase your chances of winning! We will be picking the top three entries.


  1. Completely follow the mechanics.
  2. There will be an internal screening process and if your entry is qualified, you will receive and email from Pooch Park.
  3. This contest is exclusive to Philippine residents only.
  4. Contest runs from November 28 to December 15, 2010.
  5. Pooch Park logo will be added to each photo entry.
  6. Qualified entries will be posted by December 16, 2010 on Pooch Park’s facebook page.
  7. Voting ends December 31, 2010 at exactly 10:00 am.
  8. The three winners with the most number of "Likes" will be announced on January 2, 2011.
  9. Winners will be announced via our Multiply Homepage and Facebook Fanpage.

Join now and give your lovable babies a total make over perfect for the new year! :)


Hey guys, you might be wondering where in the world is Char! I do apologize for not being able to post due to my uber-busy schedule. I've been in bazaars and still preparing for more to come. I'm sure you know how it is during tbe Ber season.

Anyway, I plan to go back to blogging really soon. I want to update you though that I'm feeling much better now than the day before my birthday. I'll do another post about my birthday. Now, I guess the reason why I'm feeling much better is because of my family, friends and the fact that work is starting to slow down one by one. :) work can sometimes really be stressful noh?

I've also atteded a wedding which helped my moid a little bit and now I have some me time. ;)

My dad gave me an iTouch for my birthday so that's actually what I'm using now. Really glad there's a Blogpress app.

For now this is it. I'll get back to my nail treatment. Just want to check in first. Also I want to remind everyone that my Birthday Giveaway Contest runs until TODAY. So join now! You can click on the link at my side bar for contest details and mechanics. Ciao! :)

- Posted from my iTouch

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yoh-Gurt Froz

Hi everyone! I will be posting photos from the Super Sale bazaar soon. I’ve just got a lot of entries in the pipeline so I want to post them first. :)

Yogurt’s been in the market for quite some time now and I never really liked it except for BTIC (Better Than Ice Cream). I remember when I used to force myself to eat cup of yogurt because it was part of my diet. And I felt sick everytime! I just don’t like the taste. I don’t like the sour yogurty taste.

When my family and I met up last November 1, my aunts encouraged me to try their favorite snack. I was hesitant, of course, but tried a spoonful.

At first, it was weird. It tasted sour, but it wasn’t as bad. When I tried it again, it tasted like cheesecake. So I bought one for myself. I asked my aunts which toppings would be best, since I didn’t want to taste the yogurt itself. Haha! They told me to try walnut, graham and some butterscotch. So that’s what I ordered.

And that was how this addiction started. I have gone to Hobbes & Landes for Yoh-Gurt Froz for about three times since then. It’s not available anywhere else so that’s a little inconvenient.

I haven’t tried other brands yet. I was able to taste White Hat once when Mari bought a plain yogurt. But I didn’t like it. It tasted too yogurty for me. Haha! Yoh-Gurt Froz’ even though it doesn’t taste as good as ice cream, tasted like cheesecake, that’s how I would describe it.

Plus while enjoying my favorite Yoh-Gurt Froz, H is able to play with his childhood favorite toy- LEGO.

Yup, my husband is talented like that. :p

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pink-ed Lips!

Sorry for the not so interesting title. I can’t think of a nice creative title as of the moment. Haha! Anyway, for this look, I used products that I’ve already blogged out before. And since I was going to a birthday lunch, it was the perfect FOTD for me. (This wasn’t for my birthday by the way.)

Products Used:
Loreal White Perfect Day Cream
Maybelline Angelfit Foundation in Light Ochre
Monave Setting Powder in Angel
Fanny Serrano Artist Box in Shade #1
Fanny Serrano 2 Way Cake Foundation in Rajah for contour
Clinique All About Eyes Rich
Max Factor Panstick in True Beige

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black
Set eyeliner with setting powder
Modelco Eyebrow powder in Dark
MAC Browset in Beguile
688 Lash Extension Mascara

Estee Lauder lipstick in Pinkberry
Kiss Beauty #9

I just love how my lips look! i love the color and how kissable it looks. Hehe! :)

Trying to give a pout. Fail. :p

Hey, a couple more days left till my Birthday Giveaway Contest ends. So do join now! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Omakase!

It’s my BIRTHDAY today!!! :) I have so many things to do though and so many  errands to run. But I can’t wait to go to our Makati home to celebrate my birthday with my family. They’re the best when it comes to birthdays. And I have no plans but to celebrate each of my birthdays with them. :)

Right now, I’m still. I shared with you yesterday that I was feeling down. I’m trying to stay optimistic because I don’t want to be a grinch on my own birthday. I know I’ll be a lot lot happier when I’m with my family already.

Anyway, for today, I want to share something that I truly love. Well I’ve already shared with you my love for Omakase so many times. I honestly can’t get enough of it. It’s my favorite restaurant and I can eat there anytime anyday! :)

Well, for my MIL’s birthday, we ate at Omakase once again. So I want to share more photos of the food. Disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer so the photos don’t do justice.

Seaweed salad

Pork Shogayaki

Seafood Dumpling
  American Dream

My favorite!

Special sauce!
 Eel Maki
  Chicken teriyaki Donburi

Salmon Omelette
 Forgot what noodle dish this is. :)
 Chicken bento box

Sorry I’m not able to talk about each and all of the food. They’re all good though, except for the noodle dish. It tasted just like a normal spaghetti Japanese-style.

Aaakk! It’s my birthday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A different birthday

Hey guys, we just finished our bazaar and I’m off back to work and to another bazaar this coming Friday, November 26. Dream Collection and Skin Hour will be at MCDO Head Office at the Citi Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City for our makeup and skin care bazaar. To those who would like to check out the products, please visit us on Friday! You may text 0922-8242758 for exact location details.

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. Somehow I feel a little different. I’m not as excited as before for some reason. I feel a little uninspired. My husband says it’s because I’m getting older. I don’t know if it’s the case. But I don’t like this feeling. I like feeling giddy, feeling happy especially on my birthday. I just hope I feel better tomorrow. I’m trying to stay positive that my mood changes soon.

For now, I’m sharing a photo, though I don’t remember what products I used. Haha! Sorry ‘bout that. This was when I met up with my girl friends last time. :) I think this was taken a few weeks ago.

By the way, I want to thank everyone who has joined my Birthday Giveaway Contest. If you haven’t and would like to know more information about it, just click here. I’m so happy reading your entries. Though I haven’t finished reading them all. I can’t wait to do so and to be able to announce the winners for our super lovely prizes! :)

That’s it for now! I’ll be sharing some more looks and some photos from the Super Sale bazaar. And some product reviews and updates. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Super Sale Bazaar on Nov 19-21

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been away and still am. I have so many blog posts to do. But I've been busy with our bazaar this weekend. Hope you guys can come visit SHOPSUI and POOCH PARK at the Al Fresco Gazebo at Super Sale Bazaar, The Grove, Pasig. :) We launched our new apparel designs and they're really really pretty! Hope to see ya'll there! :)

Print the flyer above to get 50% on the tickets! :)

Another bazaar by Dream Collection and Skin Hour on November 26 at MCDO Head Office, Citi Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Makati. It's at 1pm-7pm. :)

I promise regular blogging back when all our bazaars are finished! :p

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Experience Artistry Colour

After trying out Artistry’s skin care line, I was so eager to try their makeup. I’ve heard really good reviews about their cosmetics and I was so excited to play with them and test them on myself.

Before anything else, here’s what I wore:

Top- Bayo
Bottom- Guess Jeans

Now on to the cosmetics!!!!

First would be liquid foundation. Artistry has 2 types. Hydrating foundation for those with dry skin and Balancing foundation for those with oily and combination skin. I personally used the Balancing foundation.

IMG_0070Liquid Foundation SPF 20 PA++
from L-R: Vanilla, Soleil, Brulee, Golden

To set the makeup, try their Ideal Dual Powder Foundation. I feel like it gives full coverage as it is. The consistency is really good as well. It made my makeup even more flawless.
 The testers of Artistry Colour with a client checking her makeup.

 Ideal Dual Powder Foundation SPF 18 PA+++
top- with flash, bottom- without flash

They had basic eye shadow colors. So it didn’t confuse me. Haha! It’s very buildable and smooth when blending. And I love love love their blushes! It’s very pigmented. I’d say it’s my most favorite from the entire line.

Eye Colour (P805.00)
Cheek Colour (P695.00)

Now for the mascara, this is one of my most favorite aside from the blush. The Total Mascara lengthened my lashes and made it look thicker. Plus this mascara nourishes and conditions the lashes with vitamin A and E.

Total Mascara in Brown

For their lipsticks, they have Lip Colour Creme which gives richer shades. And Sheer Lip Colour with SPF 15 which I would classify as an everyday lip color.

Madeira, Amuse, Sandrine, Sophisticated, Neutrale, Gloss

To give a shinier and make the lips look more kissable, Artistry Lip Shine is recommended. It reminds me of MAC lipgelee.
Trinket, Gifted, Bloom, Candid

And here are my photos wearing Artistry Colour:

 with flash

without flash / natural light

Products Used:
Balancing Liquid Foundation in Soleil
Ideal Dual Powder Foundation in Soleil to set my foundation
Ideal Dual Powder Foundation in Brulee for contour
Ideal Dual Powder Foundation in Vanilla as highlighter (above cheekbones)
Cheek Colour in Rosewood

Eye Colour in Bone
Eye Define in Twig (eyeliner)
Eye Colour in Rich to set eyeliner
Total Mascara in Brown
Brow Define in Charcoal

Sheer Lip Colour in Sandrine
Artistry Lip Shine in Gifted

After two to three hours, here’s how the makeup looks like:

Still intact!

I really like the quality of their cosmetics. I’d say it’s a prestigious brand but the quality speaks for itself. Like I mentioned earlier, my favorite would be the cheek colour and mascara. The cheek colour or blush stayed on for hours. I also like their foundations. The powder foundation is also very good. I like that it already has heavy coverage. I didn’t even need to use a concealer for my undereye anymore.

To know more about their products, you may visit or to those who want to experience Artistry for themselves, you may contact Meeko at and set an appointment with him. :)

Disclaimer: Service given by company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Experience Artistry – Skin Care

I was contacted to check out Artistry’s Experience Center and I didn’t think twice! I’ve heard about Artistry for so long and was very much intrigued by their products.

Dr. Michael Hilario or Meeko, together with his mentor, Luisa, was kind enough to give me a tour and to share with me the products of Artistry and since there’s a lot of products from skin care to makeup, I decided to make 2 separate entries. For now, I will be discussing the skin care products I was able to use and introduced.

The skin care products are designed to cater to different skin types and conditions.

The simplest and most basic line is Artistry Essentials. They have the complete line from cleansers to toners to moisturizers and boosters.

I was pretty intrigued with Artistry Essentials Anti-Blemish. Because I get the occasional zits too!


It’s an effective treatment that targets existing blemishes while discouraging future breakouts with healing and purifying ingredients.

They also have another line for skin lightening and whitening:
  Artistry Pure White

And the most expensive would be the anti-aging line.

 Artistry Time Defiance

Perhaps one of their most talked about products is their makeup remover- Artistry Essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover.

Because I was told that Ms. Tessa Prieto
loves this product and swears by it!

Now one of their newest products is the Artistry Intensive Skincare Reneweing Peel.

It’s a home alternative  to professional chemical peel treatments and instantly reveals softer, silky, smooth and radiant skin. The improvements would be seen after 6-8 weeks. And it’s appropriate for all skin types!

After discussing the products, I was told I can try some of their products so I can experience them for myself. Yey!

First, I removed my very light makeup with:

Artistry Essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (P905.00)
from the Artistry Essentials line

Then I cleansed my face using:

Time Defiance Cleansing Treatment (P2,190)

After drying my face, I tried the newest product because I wanted to feel and see for myself. :p

Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel (P4,900)

I know… it’s a whopping 5000 pesos. But chemical peels per session cost about P1,500 so this would actually be a cheaper alternative or if not, it costs the same.

I was instructed to keep it on for 8 minutes before rinsing it off. I’d have to be honest, I didn’t feel any difference while I was waiting for it to dry. My skin felt the same. But when I rinsed it off, my skin did feel a little smoother.

They said that this can also be used twice a week and it's also like an exfoliant as it removes dead skin cells as well. And the results will be visibly seen after 6-8 weeks.

I toned my face using a product from the same line- Artistry Time Defiance

Time Defiance Conditioning Toner (P2,190)

For my eye treatment, I chose this product because Meeko said that this is the eye cream that has a lifting effect. Not that I need it yet.

Time Defiance Lifting Eye Cream (P2,240)

Lastly is to moisturize and put sun protection.

Time Defiance Day Protection Lotion SPF15 (P2,280)

There’s also a cream type. But for oily-combination skin types, the lotion formula is recommended. For dry skin, cream would be best.

Well, the skin care products for me works pretty well. Given that I have sensitive skin and my skin usually reacts when I change products. There were no negative reactions at all. And the big difference I have to share with you would be the little bumps of whiteheads on my nose. (Okay this sounds a little disturbing and yucky, but I want my readers to know the effects of the products on my skin.)  There are little bumps I normally feel when I run my finger on my nose. It’s very irritating. And when I tried their skin care products, the area where I would feel the bumps is smoother. The bumps which could also be my pores, appear to be smaller, almost unnoticeable. Yey! No joke, I was very impressed.

I was also able to play with their makeup. But I’ll talk about that on a separate post. :) How about you? Have you tried Artistry yet?

Disclaimer: Service given by company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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