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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nihonbashi Tei Restaurant

It was my sister’s birthday and my mom made a reservation at Nihonbashi Tei, a Japanese restaurant which was recommended by my aunt. My aunt has told me about the restaurant months ago and finally we get to try it. The restaurant is in Arnaiz St. (formerly Pasay Road), Makati.

Here are our orders:
*Disclaimer: I wasn’t able to check on the food names and the prices. :(

Tamago Sashimi

They are my favorite! I was surprised that the photo above is only one serving. Look how many pieces there are. :)

Salmon Sushi

My sisters love eating raw sushi. I actually remembered my husband while eating this, because he doesn’t eat sushi. Hehe!

California Maki P200.00

Super yummy! It really tasted fresh, compared to other california makis especially of fast food.

Ebi Tempura Maki P180.00

Also yummy. I tried one piece only as I am allergic to shrimps and crabs. And ebi = shrimp.
(A follow up post on this later.)

Mom’s order: Ramen

I got to try it. I liked the soup. I don’t know the name of this ramen though. It was okay. Wouldn’t order it again just because I’m not really into ramens.
  Chicken Teriyaki P150.00

Very delicious!!! The meat is tender, very tasty. What else can I say. It’s a must order!

U.S. Beef

Another one of my favorites! I asked it to be cooked medium well and it was oh so perfect! I wanted to eat the whole thing! Haha!

Dad’s order: Gyoza

It was so-so. I can’t really say much because I didn’t find it too good. It was normal.

Will I go back? Maybe. The parking was cramped, though it has valet. The food was pretty okay. My mom says they have lunch sets, a whole lot cheaper than going there for dinner. So maybe I’ll try lunch. The food was decent, I liked the chicken teriyaki and the beef, and also the maki. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Megaga Brushes: 10 Premiere Set

I’ll be going abroad again next month and I try to pack light as much as I could. I’m not a light packer, I really am not. But because of our honeymoon which lasted for 2 weeks and travelled 3 countries, I had to. And the last time I travelled, I didn’t have a checked in luggage. But even though I try to pack light, I never never forget my kikay essentials which include the skin care products I use, makeup and brushes. Like what I mentioned before, I am into makeup brushes and I have so many already that’s why I’m selling some of my pre-owned ones. But I just want to share favorite travel companion- Megaga Professional 10 Premiere Set.

The reason why I like this set is because I think it has everything that I would need in a travel set. And it isn’t composed of small travel size brushes. I like working with regular sized brushes better as travel size brushes need more control because they’re smaller.

Let’s talk about the brushes included and what I use them for:

Retractable lip brush- I use for my lip palette. I sometimes bring my Dollface 32pc Lip Palette with me when I go abroad because lip color choices is always great. You never know when you need a peach, pink or red lip! :p
Powder brush- I use for my powder foundation. I normally use powder than liquid foundation, especially when I travel. It’s light weight, doesn’t give me too much trouble in removing it. And it’s more natural looking.
Foundation brush- Since I don’t use liquid or cream foundies, I use this as a big concealer brush. I use it for my Max Factor Panstick for my undereye area.
Eyeshadow brushes- Of course I use this for my eyeshadow application. If I don’t put on eyeshadow, I use the bigger eyeshadow brush to set my setting powder on top of my concealer.
Angeled eyeshadow/contour brush- I usually use this brush to blend my eyeshadow. I use it as a blending brush. If I don’t apply eyeshadow though, I use it to contour my nose bridge.
Angeled/eyebrow brush- Well for my eyebrows using Modelco Eyebrow Design Kit.
Eyeliner brush- I normally use for my foiled eyeshadow as eyeliner.
Spongetip applicator- This I don’t usually use. But this is a good smudge brush.
Fan brush- I use for my blush and contour. I find using a fan brush, you get more control of the product. I like using fan brush for my blush as it gives a natural finish.

Plus the case is really sleek and sophisticated! :)

So I am in love with this set and this is the set I always bring with me whenever I travel. It’s a great buy, it really is. And it’s one of the brush sets of Megaga Professional that I really go GAGA over. :) How about you? What’s your travel set?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Room Scent

Hi guys, how are you doing? I’m quite giddy because in less than three weeks I get to see my husband again. I’m really really excited. It’s the last time I’ll be THAT far from him and I can’t wait to see him! Plus, it’s almost our anniversary. About three weeks more or less. :)

On to my post, I’m blabbing again. Well we have a lot of dogs, and my dogs sleep in my room, as you know, sometimes they smell. Especially when they accidentally pee or poop, the room smells bad. I’ve tried a couple of things like candles, scented oils, etc. However, I don’t find them effective. I don’t like using sprays because they just mask the smell for a couple of minutes and then that’s it.

So when I went to the supermarket a few weeks back, I tried and bought Renuzit Aroma in After the Rain.

This I find effective! And I like the scent. It’s not very sweet, just a hint of sweentess, it’s floral, very light but potent in masking the bad smell.

I put this inside my restroom. My room doesn’t smell bad, but my restroom does. My husband trained our dogs to pee and poop inside the rest room, in the shower area to be exact. It’s actually great because I just need to spray the pee with water. No sweat. However, I find that the smell stays. And if you’re a dog lover like me, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Renuzit Aroma does the trick! It’s effective and I’ve been using it for three weeks now and it’s still good.
  You just need to twist open the cap and let air in.

There’s a lot of variants but I liked After the Rain best. I think it suits the room, since I kept it in the restroom. I’m still thinking if I should get another variant for my room. Just to make it smell even nicer and yummier. I’m thinking maybe the Apple Cinnamon. They say cinnamon and vanilla are aphrodisiacs. Haha! But I just like how they smell, sweet and I think it suits the bedroom. ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Candy Eye

Here’s another EOTD. I know I haven’t been posting EOTDs for quite awhile, so here’s one that I did. I used the bathroom lights so it’s not very forgiving. :( I used HOL Minerals for this. I really like their pigments. Just make sure you use primer before applying to make it last longer.

After priming the eyes, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original, I used Lemon Tree Very Pretty and applied the pigment on the lid:



I chose Strawberry Fields Forever as my second color and applied it on my outer v and blended well.

Used Elianto Eyeshadow in Off White as my highlight color. Applied it under my eyebrow. And also used Elianto Eyeshadow in Tan as transition color and used it to blend the pink and highlight shadow better.

no flash illustration


I used Drops of Jupiter as eyeliner for a fun more colorful look.



Curled my lashes and applied Blue mascara. (I think I should have opted for black instead of blue mascara ton intensify the colors more.)


Other products used:
Modelco Eyebrow powder in Dark
Clinique All About Eyes Rich
Max Factor Panstick in true Beige as undereye concealer

Still have a few pre-owned makeup brushes for sale. Click here! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yellow is MY color!

So I’ve read so many blogs about Forever 21. And I’ve seen how long the line is! It’s like lining up for a concert or something. I didn’t know what the deal was! I tried going on a weekday, but it was the same thing. So many people, so lazy to look and shop around. I remember H urging me not to enter anymore as there were so many people.

One day, I was in Megamall as I went in for another laser treatment. I’m now on my 5th session by the way. :) I strolled around the mall and saw there’s Payless, a shoe store from U.S. I went in and looked around but I found that the cute pairs of shoes were a little stiff and I was scared that my feet would hurt when I wear the shoes the whole day. :( I’ll go and look around again next time and maybe check out their other branches.

And I checked if Forever 21 was packed as usual- it wasn’t. So I went in, looked around, didn’t really think of buying anything… until I saw some pretty pieces and just had to try and fit them. Uh-oh.

I fitted quite a number of clothes but was only able to take photos of these:

Cute dress. But I don’t like the fit on me.

It has pockets on each side.  I think this was around P1200 if I’m not mistaken. And they have this in sage color too.
   I was supposed to get this because I figured I can wear this for semi formal occasions and dress up days.
Didn’t get it though. Price was about P750. I forgot. Sorry. :)

By the way, did I mention- Forever 21 in SM Megamall is HUGE!!! I think it’s even bigger than Zara in Glorietta. Correct me if I’m wrong. But when I thought I finished the whole section and ready to pay for my items, I come across another section with more pretty clothes!

So now let’s talk about the things I got from F21:


I like that it has pockets on both sides. The fabric was a little looser than the first skirt I tried on. It has buttons as details.

  The cut was cute. :)


I got this because it was on sale!!!! Look at the price tag! :) The fabric is stretch. And I like the color. I can see myself wearing this with my soft patent red and navy flats from Sole Sister.


It’s a cute black/gold dress. Perfect for night outs and date nights. I like the striped detail on the skirt.


A super cute Grecian dress!

close up

I bought this dress thinking it was so comfortable. It was a maxi dress and considering I’m tall, the length was perfect.  I could wear it for formal occasions or maybe special dates. I felt like a goddess who can go for buffet! Haha!

I don’t shop very much, but I’m really happy with my purchases! YEEEY! :) Can’t wait to wear them all!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Midnight Black Cake

As I am typing this, I am in Starbucks. Enjoying a little alone time. I just finished some work and I wanted to take a break. There’s a Starbucks quite near so I decided to go and have a little snack.

I wanted to eat something sweet, dessert. There was the usual Classic Chocolate Cake which I was supposed to buy. And then I saw another cake platter, Midnight Black Cake.  I was intrigued. I asked the barista about it, what the difference of chocolate cake and midnight black cake was. He said that the Classic Chocolate Cake was more chocolatey and sweeter- your usual chocolate cake. (Hence the name. Duh?!) The Midnight Black Cake was bitter sweet, and he said it tasted like Ferrero Rocher.

So I had no choice but to try it! After hearing Ferrero Rocher, I knew it would be really yummy! By the way, I’ve also tried their Macadamia Cake. I liked it though it was really sweet. I cannot finish a slice by myself, because I find it suppperrr sweet.


close up

I’m eating it now and it is so delicious! Divine!!!! I like the different layers of it. And indeed it tastes like Ferrero Rocher. See the 2nd layer? The chocolate brown color? I think it’s the same as the one in Ferrero. It has  a little amount of nuts as well. Which makes it even yummier!!! :)

So glad I tried this. It’s well worth it! YUM! Hungry now? :p

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sole Sister Update!

I am quite sad that I don’t get to blog as often as before. I’ve been swamped with work related activities these past couple of weeks. I can’t wait for my husband to get back and for our lives to go back to normal. Although I must say, I now understand him better and now have a totally different level of respect for him as I have been doing HIS work since he left. I now understand why he’s always pressured, tired and stressed, because I feel that way sometimes. Thank God for Skype and that I was able to see him even just a few days.

On to my update! So I have mentioned before that the shoes I got from Sole Sister was not comfortable and really hurt my feet. Kristine, the owner of Sole Sister, was so kind to replace the shoes I got. By the way, I bought two pairs because they were on sale!
I was soooo excited when I got the new pairs which were delivered to my store. Isn’t she the sweetest seller you’ll ever meet? ;) So here are my new shoes from Sole Sister.

  Soft Patent Red and Navy Blue trim
with flash

without flash

This was the replacement of my Baby pink ballet flats. They did not have baby pink in my size so I opted to get this instead.

When I saw the shoes, it immediately gave a smile on my face.  It looks nautical. I could imagine myself wearing this with white top and maybe blue jeans or pants or something. Cute!
 Soft Patent Mettalic Silver and Black trim
with flash

  without flash

I am so glad that they still have the metallic silver and black trim. I fell in love with it when I saw it personally, since the picture in the website didn’t do justice. I really liked it because I know I could wear it anytime and with absolutely any outfit.

I have to say:
- I now got a better size. I think this fits me better. There’s enough room for my feet to breathe and it’s not snug anymore unlike the first pairs I got.
- The back part still kinda digs to my skin. So I still put on band aid just to protect my feet.
- They are comfy! :)
- It’s not hard so hard but it’s not uber soft either. Just right for my taste. I don’t like it when I feel pebbles on the ground when I walk. I think the soles are too thin if that’s the case. But getting a thicker sole also means the shoes are heavy. Sole Sister, in my opinion, perfected this.

So yes, I’d probably buy another pair sometime again. I would try their other designs, maybe the non-garterized one. ;) Speaking of which, I just found out that they have already posted their new styles. So go check them out! I am drooling over ‘em. :)

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