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Thursday, April 29, 2010

HSBC-Clinique-Arya Event

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I went to Clinique-Arya Event by HSBC. It was a private event and H went with me. It was such a hoooottt day that I was so grateful H still accompanied me. :)

We went to the ArthaLand pavilion and the event started with HSBC's market update. To summarize the update, the market is starting to improve, even though it still hasn't gone up to what we want,  not to forget about elections coming up, HSBC is still confident that the market will continue improving in months to come.

Arya Residences is a new concept in the real estate industry. They boast of being the first "green" residential condo to rise in Bonifaco Global City. They believe in three things, sustainable living, energy savings and affordability. The tag line fits the profile of Arya, Live Well. Live Right.

We were able to check out the showroom and my heart flew out of the window when I saw the interiors of each room. The rooms were really big. Even their one bedroom unit was spacious! They also have two bedrooms and two bedroom executive, which is a bigger family unit.

The first thing I did when I got to the event was to check out the products beautifully set up on their sales table.

My first products of Clinique were actually their skin care. I liked their skin care because I've never had any allergic reaction to it nor did I get any break outs. I remember my mom would give me some of her Clinique supplies for me to use.

I eventually ended up using Clinique Happy. I think I was in highschool when Clinique Happy was the most famous scent!

makeup love!


Now on to the workshop:

In Clinique, they believe that great skin can be achieved by three simple steps. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize. Cleanse the skin with a mild formula cleanser like their Liquid Facial Soap. Exfoliate twice a day, using Clinique's Mild Clarifying Lotion.


Super Moisture Foundation for dry skin

First step is to check the skin type. Are you oily, combination, dry? And try on different shades of foundation in the jawline. Whichever shade disappears on the skin, that's the perfect shade for you. Blend blend blend the foundation upto the jawline.

Powder Rubdown Technique

Set the foundation with powder. Clinique has a Powder Rubdown Technique. Use a loose powder, put some on hands, rub it in your hands and gently pat on face. After this, whisk excess with powder brush.


Apply concealer and conceal unwanted darkness or blemishes. It instantly lifts the look.

For undereye concealing, prep it first by applying eye cream. Try Clinique's All About Eyes Rich. This reduces puffiness and fine lines. Simply dab a bit of cream and pat onto the underye area. Then use a concealer brush or your ring finger. Warm your finger and apply concealer. Try All About Eyes Concealer. Do it in a inner-to-outer motion.

Eye Makeup

Try Quick Eyes Cream Shadow

You can use cream shadow but blend fast as it dries up fast. Simply blend with ring finger and choose a shade close to the lid color for a natural look. Pat the eyeshadow with finger.


Try Cream Shaper for Eyes pencil for a creamy with a hint of shimmer liner. For a natural look, wear a thin line. For more drama, make it thicker. For droopy eyes, wing it to lift the eyes and the wwhole look. And make eyes bigger, tightline!


In Clinique, wiggling the wand does the trick! It deposits more product to the lashes, making it look thicker! Try Lash Power Curling Mascara. It curls the lashes and the brush lets you reach even the inner lashes.


Fill in the eyebrows to frame the face. No need to shape if the natural eyebrow already looks nice. Just fill in the gaps.


For a youthful glow, find the apples of your cheeks and deposit the blush there. To go for a sunkissed look, bring the blush inside. From the nose, put two fingers and desposit product in.


For a more natural look especially this summer, opt for lipgloss. Try Vitamin C Smoothie Lipcolor. It's loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.


To set the entire look and to give water to the skin, moisturize it after makeup. Try Clinique Moisturize Surge. Pat it on the face after makeup. It cools the face and hydrates it. (You can also use Moisture Surge before makeup or mix it with foundation for a tinted moisturizer.)

After the workshop, I went ahead and asked the perfect foundation and its shade for me. Given that I am acidic, I have combination skin, i sweat a lot and I'm warm tone. I was advised to use Clinique Superfit Foundation. It gives full coverage but is light weight.

Shades from L-R:
Cream Beige
Super Neutral
Rose Beige

From the shades that were swatched, I was a Cream Beige. I could also use Neutral (not in photo but is a shade darker than Super Neutral) but use a lighter powder to set the makeup.

To my surprise, I won one of Clinique's raffle!

my goodies!

taken after the event

peek inside my lootbag

Clinique Moisture Surge Facial Sheet Mask

Clinique Superfit Makeup in Neutral

I was looking forward to this!

My first Clinique foundation

Clinique Youth Surge Night

Excited to try this!

I was told it can also be used as a moisturizer 
during the day, just like Moisture Surge.

We were also given:

Eco bag from Arya

I'm definitely looking forward to trying the products that I got from the event. Will definitely review it and blog about it again! :)

Before I forget:

Top: unlabeled Gift from my mom
Jeans: Guess
Sandals: Otto

The event was wonderful. I learned a lot. And my husband, he brought his PSP with him, so while I was busy watching and learning from the workshop, he was also busy playing his PSP game. Haha! Smart smart move! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waiting waiting

I will be going to a Clinique-Arya event this afternoon courtesy of HSBC. So I'm at work now waiting. I'll be dropping by Serendra first before going to Arya. Dudidu... I know... this is ho-hum post. :p I'll try to blog about the event next time.

Anyway, here's my FOTD:

taken in the car

Sorry for my lazy left eye
I cried the night before. :(

Products Used: I mostly used Clinique makeup to give tribute to the brand. Hihi!

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals in Buff
Max Factor Panstick in True Beige as concealer
Fanny Serrano 2 way foundation in Rajah for contour
Fanny Serrano Blush Warm Pink tone (Artist Pro palette)

Clinique E/S in Day Break
Clinique E/S in Sweet Nothing for crease
Clinique E/S in Sugar Sugar as highlight
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
Modelco Eyebrow Powder in Dark topped with clear mascara

Ilog Maria Lip Balm as base
Clinique Lipstick in Bamboo Pink

Monday, April 26, 2010

PAWS Aspin Club Launch

I attended the PAWS Aspin Club Launch held in Eastwood Central Plaza last April 24. We were actually late, because we just came from a meeting earlier. So I wasn't able to take more photos of the event. :(

Taken from PAWS website:


We’ve seen it so often that most of us have begun to accept it as a way of life: purebred dogs are treated differently than native dogs even if they both live in the same house.

The native dogs stay outside & are tied up or caged for life, the perennial “bantay” in Filipino society. Bantay is usually brown or white and short-haired – the type of dog that you would usually see out in the streets. So it’s no surprise that he would always be referred to as “askal” or “asong kalye” even if he lives with a family and is never allowed to stray outside.

Bantay is not the type of dog to be cuddled as well. Barking all the time, he is expected to be scary and to drive away intruders from one’s yard.

We have seen a lot of hero dogs on TV and in the movies. But Rin-Tin-Tin, Lassie, Benjie, and Beethoven do not look like Bantay at all. So they must have been talking about a different dog when Western movies imparted those great home-grown values such as compassion and love for the dog who will give his life for its master.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), in cooperation with Alpo and Eastwood City, will aim to change this way of thinking through the launch of the PAWS Aspin Club on April 24 at the Eastwood Central Plaza.

The club is open to all native and mixed-breed dogs which must be friendly to both humans and other dogs. Dogs must be leashed at all times and owners must show their updated vaccination records upon registration.

The P250 annual membership fee will go to the PAWS Animal Shelter which takes care of aspins rescued from cruelty and neglect. Registration starts 3pm and the main program will begin at 4pm.

Special guest is PAWS celebrity volunteer and proud aspin owner Heart Evangelista. “We hope to change the way Filipinos look at their native & mixed breed dogs and how they treat them.”, says Heart.

PAWS has lined up a lot of fun activities such as a pet portrait area, a doggie treat cooking lesson and an agility course demonstration as well as lots of freebies for those owners who will register their dogs on April 24.

For inquiries, please email

The PAWS Aspin Club launch is made possible through the generous support of Eastwood City, Alpo, Pet Express, McDonald’s, Frontline Plus, Pooch Park, Magic 89.9, and the Philippine Star Pet Life Section.

I also read Anna Cabrera's article A HEART FOR ASPINS. Want to post it here as well. (Just a side story, I'm starting to like Heart and find her pretty. Haha! And now that I'm starting to see how she feels for animals... that's more plus points! As if it matters to her, right? Haha!)

By Anna Cabrera

Heart Evangelista warmly ushers us into her condo unit in Makati. She is beautiful even without make-up. The girl is sunshine in any room, gushing about how excited she was about this latest collaboration with The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

After the initial greetings, she sits to have her hair and make-up done, smiles, and asks me if I’ve seen “them” yet.

As if on cue, two “aspin” (Asong Pinoy) puppies come running into the living room and Heart’s smile widens: the room is immediately a thousand times brighter - reminding me what originally charmed us when Heart first visited the PAWS Shelter a few years ago.

There was no denying that we were in a room with someone who was a true animal lover. Heart hugs and kisses the rambunctious pair of puppies and introduces them proudly as Sultana and Charles.  

Sultana is a cream-colored native pup with light brown spots while Charles is dark brown and wears a more serious expression as he has ‘whiskers’ like a schnauzer. Both dogs were in diapers.

“They pee all over the place,” Heart explained, half-sighing, half-smiling, the way a mother would when she speaks of the mess that her babies just made.

I could hear her cocker spaniels Al, Davies and Kayla in the other room.

“They all get along well”, Heart says. But we knew as she did why only the two native pups were in the living room with us and the rest of the team.

Today is Sultana and Charles’ first big photo shoot as the canine models for the PAWS Aspin Club which will be launched on April 24 in cooperation with Eastwood City.

Two years ago, Heart was the model and spokesperson for PAWS’ See Beauty Beyond Breed campaign. She agreed that there was a huge disparity over the way native dogs and purebred dogs were treated. The campaign aimed to uplift the image of the native dog and cats and had successfully converted the by-word “askal” or “asong kalye” into the more politically correct term “aspin” or “Asong Pinoy”.

We told Heart that PAWS volunteer Nice Rodriguez pointed out that “a lot of times, aspin owners are intimidated to bring their dogs to parks and malls simply because they feel their pets don’t fit the ‘profile’ of the dogs that are usually seen at these places.”

Pet-friendly establishments have became “purebreed-dogs-only” territories by default.

The pretty actress reacted immediately by echoing what most PAWS officers thought, “But All dogs need exercise and socialization. They need to be taken out for walks – no matter what their breed is!”

Heart was happy to hear that the “PAWS Aspin Club” will have fun activities that will dispel this double-standard among dogs. Owners of native and mixed-breed dogs will be encouraged to proudly ‘strut their mutts’ in Eastwood City and other pet-friendly places.

Of course, this also comes with a big reminder to aspin guardians to be model pet owners by making sure that their pets are properly socialized and well-behaved, and to always bring a copy of their pets’ updated vaccinated records wherever they go, in compliance with the Anti-Rabies Law.

And yes, picking up after one’s pet is part and parcel of the whole package of being allowed to go in public places with your dog – be it a purebreed or an aspin.

Heart’s family has both purebreeds and native dogs. In their household, all the pets are treated as part of the family.

The actress’ happy childhood memories revolve around growing up with dogs (German Shepherds and aspins) in their Cavite home.

Sultana and Charles are actually grandkids of one of the Ongpauco family’s first rescued dogs – a female canine they named “Sassy”.

Heart tells us that Sassy had run limping into their house one day to seek refuge because some men attempted to slaughter her.

Heart’s dad, the family’s most outspoken animal advocate, promptly reported the would-be dog-killers to the authorities. This led to the closure of a nearby karaoke bar which was notorious for serving dog meat in their area.

As Sultana and Charles were positioned on the couch for the shoot, we marveled at how naturally the dogs have taken to the camera.

Charles assumes an “I-am-a-toy-dog-move-me-as-you-want” pose while Sultana, the more playful of the two, could be coaxed to ‘smile’ right after being given her favorite treat.

After photographer Jason Penaloza finished clicking the 3rd layout, PAWS Director Rich Ilustre pats the 2 canine models and calls it a wrap. “This is, by far, the easiest shoot with animals that we’ve ever had!” he beams.

“My babies are all professionals,” Heart says with a laugh, but there is an undeniable hint of pride in her voice. She hugs Sultana and Charles for a job well done.

For owners who want to pre-register their dogs, please email your name, address, contact details and pet name to

The big general assembly will be at the PAWS Aspin Club Launch in Eastwood City Central Plaza on April 24, 2010. Of course, Heart, Sultana and Charles will be there to greet everyone

Indeed, this is finally the year when we can declare that aspin is “in”!

 with Sultana and Charles

PAWS celebrity Heart Evangelista and her aspins
with PAWS' Anna Cabrera, Chet Martinez and Rich Ilustre

We have a total of 8 dogs but we don't have aspins actually. However, we get a lot of aspin clients. And we've met quite a number of really really smart aspins! Smarter than pedigree ones even. And we see a lot of aspin owners who really love their aspins. They don't look at breeds. (Which should actually be the case.) I do think that we should educate people that aspins and pedigree are just the same. They should be treated equally and given love and care. They're no longer just bantay. They're your bestfriend, your family.

Here are some photos I was able to take during the event: (I know, it's very few. :( )

Anna, Tata, Heart

I saw this really cute aspin: I tried to take a good picture, but he kept moving, so it was blurry. :(

aspin in Schnauzer cut! Cute!!!

Here are some booths during the event::

with Pooch Park bed

group photo

No, I wasn't in the photo because I took this shot.


For aspin owners, I hope you can join PAWS Aspin Club and let's celebrate the ASPIN Revolution.

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