The Purple Jar's Strawberry Cheesecake

I've been MIA lately because of different Christmas parties and activities I had to attend to. And of course, my family will also be celebrating Christmas tomorrow and on the 25th. So no posts during those dates as well. I will try to get back on regular blogging soon once the Christmas hype has died down. Traffic is exaggerated! Have you noticed? Tsk tsk. But I can't wait for Christmas Day!

Tomorrow, I will be doing some errands, delivering and working on another photo shoot before my family's Christmas party. Good thing, I'll have good company with me. :) It's one packed Christmas season!

Well my dear friend Ceena started her baking business named The Purple Jar. And it's a great start given that it's the Christmas season and people enjoy giving edible gifts to families.

The Purple Jar is your one of a kind jar of goodies. Sweet and mouth-watering pastries packaged in cute jars, The Purple Jar freshly bakes and seals your all time favorite goodies in a jar. 

The Purple Jar uses only the best ingredients in the market. They make sure that the jars used are new and clean. 

So whether it's for your sweet tooth, or for that special someone's, The Purple Jar is surely the dessert that will satisfy everyone's sweet craving!

Ceena actually gave me a Strawberry Cheesecake in a Jar as a Christmas present. So I was able to taste this unique product and I would have to say it's one of the best cheesecakes I have ever tasted. No joke. I'm not being biased, but it really really is one of the best. :)

First up, I actually like Strawberry Cheesecake better than Blueberry. I just find strawberry better to pair with the sour taste of the cheesecake. It compliments and neutralizes the taste better. That's just my preference.

Second, I like the citrus twist to Purple Jar's cheesecake. It makes it more unique and gives you a nice surprise to the traditional cheesecake. It's not overpowering that you only taste the citrus touch, but it acts as a refresher to the cake. I like it very much. I would say this is the market point of Purple Jar.

Another good thing about Purple Jar is the packaging. the cheesecake is baked inside a jar that is tightly sealed so it stays fresh all the time.

 Cheesecake in a Jar Php 375.00
Blueberry and Strawberry

Usually when I eat cheesecakes, my throat hurts. I think this is because of the thickness of the cheese added. But with Purple Jar, I have already eaten half a jar in one seating, I didn't experience any sore throat. This does not mean that the cheese is not rich at all. The texture is really good. It was very creamy but it was not heavy at all. The crust, which I think is made of graham, was also good. It wasn't dry, very delectable. The cheesecake is velvety. Loves!!! And it has real strawberries as toppings. It's such a treat!

I really recommend you to try Purple Jar's cheesecake. I have shared it with my MIL and SIL and they both liked it very much! Why not give a Purple Jar treat to someone you love? Christmas is almost here so go and place your orders right away.

Purple Jar also offers:

Choco-Butterscotch Brownies

Original (Large Jar Php 335; Small Jar Php 250)
Guiltless (Large Jar Php 385; Small Jar Php 250)

I for one have already ordered and received my Choco-Butterscotch Brownies to give us gifts for my family. :)



3 out of 3 Schnauzers

The Purple Jar



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