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Hi there, my birthday is just around the corner and I wanted to share some of my most favorite products with my readers and followers. I have always loved celebrating all occasions most especially my birthday. Anyway, there's so much in store so I encourage you to join. :) Plus the prizes are TO DIE FOR! :p


1. Like/Share this blog entry / blog site.

3. Repost the entire blog entry or the contest image via blogspot/wordpress/facebook *viewable by everyone. 
*For blogspot/wordpress, you must follow my blog.
*For facebook posts, you must tag 10 of your friends.

4. Answer the question: How do you make your birthday or Christmas special? Share your answer in your blog entry or facebook post.

5. Repost your answers here also with the following details:
a. Blog entry/ facebook post URL
b. Your facebook name (to verify with ShopSui's facebook)
c. Don't forget your email address

Grand Prize:
Pair of Glambox Minc Lashes
Pair of Sole Sister Shoes
3 My intimate Bra Converter
Whole collection (6x1g) of HOL Mineral Cosmetics Sweet Dreams Edition
Megaga Professional 12s set MAC Replica
Strip It Big Wax Kit
Strip It Lip & Cheek Tint
Skin Hour Body Cream & Liquid Loofah Combo
XScents Perfume Lady 45ml in W1

1st Runner Up:
2 My Intimate Bra Converter
3x1g HOL Mineral Cosmetics from Sweet Dreams Edition
Megaga Professional Retractable Spot Brush
Strip It Trial Wax Kit
Strip It Lip & Cheek Tint
Skin Hour Shampoo
XScents Hexagon 30ml in W4

2nd Runner Up:
1 My Intimate Bra Converter
3x1g HOL Mineral Cosmetics from Sweet Dreams Edition
Megaga Professional Retractable Lip Brush
Strip It Lip & Cheek Tint
Skin Hour Family Pack
XScents Aromatherapy Room Spray 50ml


1. Completely follow the mechanics.
2. This contest is exclusive to Philippine residents only.
3. Contest runs from November 11 to November 30, 2010.
4. I will be judging together with some of my sponsors.
5. Winners must claim the prizes at ShopSui or Pooch Park. Prizes may also be shipped. Delivery fee will be shouldered by the winner.
6. Winners will be announced via my Twitter account so follow me for updates at

Thanks to my sponsors:

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  1. Hi.. joined the contest.. =)

    Belle Don Marquez

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  3. Repost.

    Christmas is always special when you spend it with people you care and love. My Christmas this year, though, will be extra special because not only will I be spending it with my family and loved ones, I also plan to share my blessings this year by donating to Kanlungan ni Erma, an organization caring for street children. I'm hoping it will be a start of a new Christmas tradition. I've always wanted to do this but I always get caught up in my own world. Hopefully my Christmas this year will be extra special as I start this new tradition.

    You can also check my facebook account under my profile picture for the other requirements.

    You should be able to see it on my wall. Thanks!

    Ceena Giselle Chua

  4. How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    For my birthday, aside from hearing mass and thanking God for another year, I make sure that I have a gift for myself. It's the only time of the year when I don't feel guilty buying expensive thing(s) -or even not expensive things for myself. Just something that will make me really happy! hehe. Of course, we have to treat and reward ourselves once in a while! =)

    For Christmas, I make it special by cooking something for my family. I'm not a person who loves cooking at all! but Christmas season makes me want to cook! hehe.

    blog url:

    facebook name:
    Krizia Marie Leones

    Email add:


  5. Hi. I joined your contest too. :)
    Kate Abejo-Pingoy

  6. Hi Anon & Belle,

    Please post your answer together with your details here to qualify. Thanks!

  7. Oh sorry. I missed out on that one. :)

    Christmas has been one my favorite holidays because the spirit undoubtedly makes more people kind-hearted. (lol) This is also the time where my family and I can bond. And we can actually make this an excuse to eat more than the usual. hehe.
    To make my Christmas a lot more special than it used to be, I would write a letter to each of the people who made my life easier and bearable within the year, telling them how much I appreciate them and how much I love them. A little bit of affection won't kill right?
    And I will be more kind to my younger brother who I can only see during school breaks (He goes to school in Manila and we're living in Cebu). You see, I love bullying him and having him to get into a fight with me. It's my way of making lambing to him. hehe. But as I've said, a little affection won't kill right?

    So there. That's my way of making my Christmas this year a lot more special. Simple, I know.
    Kate Abejo-Pingoy

  8. ow do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    Having to celebrate 30 years of birthdays is already special, what makes it more fabulous is to celebrate it with my family and friends who's always there to support me. I always start my birthday with a prayer thanking God for another wonderful year. =)

    Facebook name : Belle Don Marquez

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  10. SInce it will be Christmas soon, I want to do a post regarding Christmas.

    From my past years experiences! I always make this special day "Chrismtas" by spending with the people that are imporant to me! It is like a whole month full of special activites. I make sure to have get together with my friends and barkadas! I became busy preparing gifts for the annual exchange gifts from the office. I also exert extra effort in searching the best gifts for my special little ones (nephew and neice). Most of all I (along with my sister) think of special menu that we will have on the special day. I also see to it that we go to places like malls where in we can really feel the Christmas festivity due to their bongacious Christmas decorations and songs. And lastly, we do put Christmas decors to have the Christmas feeling in our house!
    But this year, I would like to alter or add one more special thing! As we remember or create Christmas gift lists and wishes..... I would like to add one most important thing that we should do every Christmas. Before I say it, I would just like to share something that kids look forward to every Christmas. Little kids always look forward to waiting for Santa. Santa comes along with the gift he brings for the little kids, since they have been nice the whole year round. With this insight, I would like to make my Christmas more special this year by greeting our saviour Jesus Christ! As it should be a whole year round, but as this season is His birthday! I would like to celebrate the Holiday Season for Him. I will be grateful and be thankful for the gift He gave us, which is saving us from our sins.

    So besides the material and the festival feeling, I would like to add and make Christmas special by always inuding Jesus in this Holiday Season of the year! Happy Happy Birthday Jesus!

    Katherine Co

  11. To make my birthday special, I will give loot bags to my friends! Because I feel happier when I give than when I receive. Everybody happy! Then my friends would wish that it's my birthday everyday haha!

    Kim San Miguel Palanca

  12. here is my entry:


    facebook: CHEL CANOY



    How do I make my birthday or Christmas special?

    I always make my birthday or christmas special by making my self beautiful as I can be, and ask my husband and children to go to church, then go out with the whole family to go to a mall, or star city and eat with them.. "it's my treat"... It's like a very special date with my whole family... and that makes my birthday and christmas so major major special! =)


  14. a. Blog entry/ facebook post URL:
    b. Your facebook name : Clarissa Marie
    c. Don't forget your email address :

  15. Hi! :)

    1. liked and shared

    2. liked Shopsui's FB page! ..:)
    3. * followed the blog .
    * tagged 10 of my friends

    4. How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    With my 36 years of existence... Christmas or birthday for me is Family. Spending it with my family completes that special day, whether a simple gathering or a not so simple
    one. Just being with them is priceless!

    5. a.)
    b.) Agnes Dc

  16. Happy Bday Char!

    Years ago, birthdays used to remind me of how fast I'm getting old, and how little I feel I've accomplished, but that was before I learned how to brush off those birthday woes. Birthdays provide us with an avenue for rejoicing and celebration. It need not be grand but it definitely deserves some TLC. So since then on, during my birthday, apart from giving thanks to the Lord Who's provided me with all I have, I try to share what I can to others even in little ways that i know of. Donate a small amount to charity, donate blood, join a benefit fun-run, or treat some street kids to a meal. I suggest for everyone to try it; giving back can provide us with such a "natural high". But that's not all, of course, my birthday won't be complete without the presence of those who are dear to me; my family & friends. I try to organize a small gathering. My guests & I would talk, catch up, laugh & basically treat each other to a good time. We should all understand that birthdays can be special even without the involvement of money or some other expensive resources. What counts is how & who you will spend your day with to make it worth reminiscing in the days to come. I don't ask for anything much during my birthdays as I believe that each birthday is already a gift in itself.And as I always say to myself, "happiness is a state of mind".

    Christine Soriano

  17. How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    So how do I make my birthday or Christmas special?Hmmm come to think of it, I'm the usual mom who cooks the best meal that she could ever do in her entire life and that's every time there is something to celebrate haha. But I make my birthday special not because of the big parties or days of celebration. I always find myself thanking the Lord for like 32 years of living here on earth without any major problems or accidents that others experienced. My heart melts every time I remember and realized that I am fortunate enough to live a decent life (although we're just in the middle class family) without having to beg for every day living. With that realization, I don't envy people in high class. I just enjoy where the Lord puts me in. And I guess that realization in life make my birthdays or my Christmas celebration even more special. It's really not in the material things that make someone's birthday become more special. Is this a sign of maturity within me? haha I guess so. When did I start reverting my thoughts when it comes to celebration? I don't really know. But hey, don't get me wrong, surprises like loots in the mail is really a joy for a time and we all needed that kind of surprises haha :)

    b. Lu Bernardo Sawit
    c. malu0219(at)yahoo(dot)com

    btw, I liked this blog entry and I follow u under the name Lu bernardo using my twitter :)

    Thanks and God bless you!

  18. valerie marielle de guzmanNovember 20, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    valerie marielle de guzman

    How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    dressing up.. visiting church.. having a great lunch.. receiving gifts.. these are some of the common things/scenario of my birthday and christmas. but now, something has changed. i have received a special gift from God. this is the gift of life. i just gave birth to my first baby, and this coming december, i will be spending my first Christmas with my baby and my husband. a newly formed family.. to cherish the presence of my baby on our first christmas together is more than special for me, its priceless :)

  19. Joined :)


    b.FB Name : KRistina Esperancilla Indangan

    c. > email add <

    Happy Birthday more power Godbless :)

  20. How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?Well,making my birthday or Christmas special is nothing but sharing or spending it with my loved ones and friends =)

    shared @ FB:Liza Trasmonte Libatan

  21. Hi guys,

    Thanks for joining! Please be reminded that your answers to the question "How do you make your Birthday or Christmas special?" should also be reposted here in the comment section to qualify. :) Thanks!

    And for those who still want to join my Birthday Giveaway Contest, go ahead! Contest runs till November 30. :)

  22. hello.. 'Happy birthday!'

    ..its a very special day that i really get excited every birthday! I spend it by having a "me time"..a salon and spa! yehey!.. a luch with my family(yummy..)and lastly a 'gimik' with my buddies.!! A day full of fun,excitement and love..^_^

    shared at FB rosanna concepcion
    email: rosebona.concepcion(at)yahoo(dot)com

    More power and God bless :D

  23. Count me in!

    How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    Nothing completes a birthday celebration more when you celebrate it in the presence of close friends and loved ones! Any celebration need not be extravagant or costly, it is spending it with people dear to you that really matters.... ♥

    FB post/URL:

    FB Name: Nimfa Jane Clemenia-Bazar


    Hope to win! God bless & more power! ^_^

  24. Hi there,

    Here's my entry:

    * Liked and Shared your blog entry and blog site through Facebook
    * Followed you on Twitter
    *Became a follower of your blogsite
    * Repsoted this contest:
    * FB name: Khrishia Ronquillo-Sedenio
    * Email address: khrish1207(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Here's my answer:
    Question: How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?
    Answer: I make my Christmas special by spending it wonderfully with my whole family. This coming Christmas, since it's also the birthday of my son, Gabriel (Yes! I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy 4 years ago on a Christmas Day! Imagine the face of my OB! hahah!), we plan to make a change on how we celebrate it compared to the previous years. We had a general cleaning last month and we gathered all the toys of my son that are still in good condition. The first box of toys, I let the street kids pick their choices while some of them went to a "magbobote with the kariton". We also gave him the first stroller of my son since he said that he has an 8 month old son and has several kids. I told him that it was really God who worked his plan and led him to us at the right place and at the right time.
    On Christmas Day, we plan to give away the second box of toys to a neighboring community in our barangay. I observed that there are a lot of less fortunate children there so we might as well give the toys to them. I'm sure that my son will also be happy to share his toys with other children and I believe that it's a good way to start him up with "acts of kindness".

  25. How do you make your birthday special?

    One of the major milestones of life is my birthday and it really calls for a big celebration. My birthday is never complete until I’ve heard ‘Happy Birthday’ to my family, relatives and friends. It is a very special day for me, so celebration should be special. Enjoying my birthday the day away with my friends and family and have a little bit drinks. Also include burgers, roasted chicken, hot dogs on the grills and don’t forget the wines. However enjoying my birthday at a low key dinner along with some delicious cuisines and also great wine can also be a fantastic idea. Birthdays should be fun and meaningful times. I make new memories with people I care about and take a camera along to record them. And to collect birthday reflections in a journal or a photo album to enjoy upon reflection later. I just plan my birthday in a way that I may carry beautiful memories for the lifetime.

    FACEBOOK NAME: Aida Villanueva


  26. i do make my christmas special by preparing gifts ( candies, chocolates, etc..) to the children who will drop by in the house and will say "namamasko
    po!".. i can feel the happiness every time i handed a gift bag to the
    children and they will give me a big smile,. Christmas is giving, so
    lets share our blessings! :)

    Josephine Soliman Gregorio

  27. A special Christmas for me is something where I can share the spirit of the season and share a little piece of me and my signature work. Last year, I tried giving out 5 hand-made cards which a friend can redeem from me - free nail art session! They loved it. I just asked them not to redeem all together so I can also attend to my clients. Early 2010, I've already finished 2 out of the 5, one scheduled for an extra special session for her birthday. It was fun and special doing this, an art that you love to a special person in your life, your friends. Thanks Char for the chance! Thanks to SHOPSUI too!

    shared your giveaway here
    facebook post - special christmas
    facebook photo with 10 tags
    facebook name: rlyn sixeight

  28. hi! this is a really great giveaway!!! :D here's my entry:

    I make Christmas special by making sure I have well thought of gifts for my loved ones and friends. I start with my list and go gift hunting as early as January, enJOY wrapping by November and try real hard to be done by the 2nd week of December:D

    I posted this on my facebook wall (Joy Mesina-Bahia) and tagged 10 of my friends, but there seems to be something wrong with the site. Their names din't turn blue! (?) anyway I hope you'd consider this for now...will try reposting and tagging later.

    Joy Mesina-Bahia

  29. How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    Christmas has always been my most awaited day of the year. And yeah, I look forward to it more than I do for my birthday.. Above all the celebrations that the calendar has, it is the only time of the year that I get to see all the people that are dear to me.

    During Christmas, I try to focus to others more. I really make sure that when I give a gift, it is something that that particular person will appreciate. I really spend time on thinking of what to give to my friends and family. It is such a wonderful feeling when you see their gleaming eyes when they open your gift, and being hugged tightly out of so much gratitude! Priceless! ^_^

    But aside from this, I also am waiting for Christmas because it is the day when I have an excuse to be extra mushy to people that have been close to my heart. I am the reserved type and is not very expressive on my feelings towards people so they don't hear 'thank you for being there with me always', 'I miss you' or 'I love you' from me first. But I take on the Christmas spirit to have the chance to tell them how much they mean to me and thank them for everything that they had done for me, even just thru text if they're far away. The good thing in saying it during Christmas is that nobody will tell you 'What's gotten into you?' or as we say it 'Anong nakain mo?' and instead your gratitude will be received warmly and if you're lucky, they'll even respond to you with the same intensity.

    So even if the world ends on the 26th, I will have no regrets as I was able to thank everyone that means so much to me and told them how much I value having them in my life.

    So there.. That's how I make my Christmas special! Even if we don't have the most extravagant celebration, I still am at my happiest and most satisfied me!


    FB NAME: Dioana de Mesa
    EMAIL: snow0016 at yahoo dot com


  30. Liked your contest post.
    Liked Shopsui's Facebook page.
    Reposted entire blog entry
    Followed your blog via GFC.

    How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    Every Christmas and every occasion is special as long as I have my family with me. Ever since I’ve had my own mind, I realized how important family is. Mom and Dad has instilled in me that no matter, whatever and wherever, family will always be there for you. And I bring that with me.

    It’s not the banquet on the table, it’s not the gifts that we open during Christmas eve, it’s not the new clothes and new things - at the end of it all, it’s still family. And I thank God for the family I have now.

    b. Daea Elbor in Facebook
    c. daeaSR gmail com

  31. Hi, happy birthday! I'm joining the contest.

    1. I tweeted about your giveaway here:
    2. I liked your FB page via FB account Shirley Mae Tabora
    3. Blogged about it here:

    Answer to question:
    This Christmas is a lot more better than the past Christmases I had as we are now blessed with our newborn Johan. So, this year I will make Christmas special by putting on decors with the theme "little baby boy". The tree will be adorned with baby items like pacifiers, mini feeding bottles, mittens.. and of course I will buy gifts for my little boy.

  32. Oops I forgot to put my email ad:

  33. You have an exciting contest. Here's my entry:

    Ever since I was a kid, Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. I used to look forward to all the gifts given by my loved ones and Santa. But over the years it has somehow lost its sparkle and excitement. Nevertheless, it's still special because I get to spend it with my loved ones and I'm able to give out loot bags to kids in our village. Most of all it's the only time when I get to buy something extravagant and reward myself for working so hard all year round (for the rest of the year, I only buy the things I feel are necessary). I actually save money the whole year to buy that one special gift. In that way, I always look forward to Christmas and each time it's always memorable. I know it sounds materialistic but it's kinda the only time I get to be one (so guys please give me a break! hahaha!).

    a. URL:


    c. Email:

  34. Christmas is made special when celebrating with loved ones... reminiscing, sharing stories and making new memories.:)

    1. Like/Share this blog entry / blog site > Done
    2. Like SHOPSUI's facebook page > Done
    3. Repost the entire blog entry or the contest image via blogspot/wordpress/facebook *viewable by everyone. > Done!/profile.php?id=548266532
    4. Answer the question: How do you make your birthday or Christmas special? Share your answer in your blog entry or facebook post. > Done
    5. Repost your answers here also with the following details:
    a. Blog entry/ facebook post URL!/profile.php?id=548266532
    b. Your facebook name (to verify with ShopSui's facebook) agnes neria-espino
    c. Don't forget your email address

  35. Christmas is made special when celebrating with loved ones... reminiscing, sharing stories and making new memories.:)
    1. Like/Share this blog entry / blog site.>done
    2. Like SHOPSUI's facebook page.>done
    3. Repost the entire blog entry or the contest image via blogspot/wordpress/facebook *viewable by everyone. >done
    4. Answer the question: How do you make your birthday or Christmas special? Share your answer in your blog entry or facebook post.>done
    5. Repost your answers here also with the following details:
    a. Facebook post URL
    b. Your facebook name (to verify with ShopSui's facebook)Agnes Neria-Espino
    c. Don't forget your email address

  36. Happy Birthday Char! You have an amazing contest with lots of fabulous give aways!

    Here's my entry:

    How do I make my birthday or Christmas special?

    I am making my Christmas a very special season to celebrate with together with my family, friends and fellow church members. It has been our family's legacy where we usually give special gifts to the members of our church. We love giving gifts such as toys for kids and some clothes and stuffs for adults. We usually celebrate Christmas by having a Thanksgiving party with lots of foods to share with specially to the poor children together with their parents. We are not only feeding their physical body but we also want to feed their soul. We want to share with them the reason for the season - the birth of Jesus Christ...and that's how I make my Christmas special.

    followed you via GFC
    my username: kayeshayne

    my blog url of your give away:

    my Facebook name:

    Karen Chayne Sanchez

    My email address:

  37. Hi! I want to join your contest. Here's my entry.
    How do I make my Birthday or Holidays special?
    I just see to it that all my Family are present with me and always start with a thanksgiving prayer. I also make it a point that I invite all my friends to celebrate with me with a few toasts...

    Clyde A. Gabriel

  38. hi! advance happy birtday!
    Liked your contest post.
    Liked Shopsui's Facebook page.

    Here is my blog entry:

    How do you make your birthday or Christmas special?

    This coming March will be my 21st birthday, ask me how I will make my birthday special? Hmmm, it will always be a nice dinner with my family. I will request my mother to cook Kare-kare, oh my favorite! I will buy a birthday cake for myself and buy a nice DVD movie to watch with my family after dinner. That’s it. I just want it simple but special one.

    Lee Mariano in Facebook

  39. December is my much awaited month! Hitting two birds in one month, my birthday and Christmas!

    Come December 15, it will be my birthday. I usually pray and thank God and my parents for giving life to me, raising and blessing me well all these years. My birthday will be best celebrated with my traditional childhood celebration as I party -chitchat, dance and sing along with my COMPLETE family and friends at home with my traditional "handa"- cake, ice cream, spaghetti, chicken, rice, and other viands. But what has been mentioned are really a great MUST that my friends would love to guess my yearly and usual "handa!" ^__^

    10 days after my birthday, it's Christmas! A time for giving and sharing! But most of all, what really makes my birthday, Christmas or any other occasion special is that time of the year when great appreciation is given back to our Maker as He is always there for us, showering all the blessings to us. It is also the time of the year when we greatly and warmthly unite and bond with our family as we give each other the most precious gift, our love for each other.

    Katherine Castro

  40. Here is my entry! :-) Hope I will win.

    Birthdays and Christmas days are really special. I make it extra special by cooking for my loved ones. I always invite my friends to come over our house for a sumptuous dinner. I also make margarita for my guest not to be bored with beer.!/

    Marjorie Caballero

  41. Birthdays symbolize the day when God gave you to your parents. And because of this, it is a special occasion from the get go.

    It doesn't really matter what you do on your birthday. I have celebrated my birthday when we had no money. Celebrated it even during hell week of the midterms. Celebrated it even when my parents weren't around. I guess it all comes down to being special. As long as you feel special and loved then that's what matters most.

    I would rather celebrate it with people who really matter the most to me rather than celebrating it with a bang with lots of people who could care even less about you and are just there for some reason or another.

    Come to think of it, birthdays as well as any other occasion is just a day. It's what you do for the rest of the 364 days that matter. If possible, I want to say that I want to celebrate my birthday as if its happening everyday. Enjoy life, be special, unique, adventurous, and the beautiful, independent bella that i'm sure you are, not just in one day out of the year but everyday.

    Happy birthday sis and I hope the rest of the year will be great for you. ^_^

    For compliance
    -Followed you on my blogspot account

    -posted on my facebook page!/profile.php?id=555357328

    -taged 10 of my friends!/photo.php?fbid=10150105333467329&set=a.108921842328.114811.555357328

    a. Blog entry
    -used my multiply account for this

    b. Your facebook name
    Luningning Arabiran

    c. Don't forget your email address

  42. Hi! I join your contest

    Camz Catalan (Camille Joyce Española Catalan)

  43. How do I make my Christmas special?

    Christmas Day is primarily a family event and it will always be extraordinary for me so long as I celebrate it with my whole family and loved ones. We usually go to mass on December 24 then gather in our house to eat the food my Mom prepared. By the way, we are planning to have exchange of gifts this Christmas and this will be our first time to do this. Haha! Simple yet amazingly joyful!

    Moreover, this Christmas will be more special because my boyfriend’s Mom will celebrate the Holidays here in the Philippines. I’m happy for my boyfriend because he can now spend this season with her after a couple of years. But I’m quite panicky for the reason that this will be our first time to meet in person. Nevertheless, I am still so sure that everything will be perfect and this Christmas will be very exceptional!

    But most of all, celebrating this wonderful season with God in mind is the best celebration of all! HE is the main reason for everything and we should be joyful for His presence. Thanking him and praising His powerful name are the best ways to make our Christmas Day really special.

    Kulin Vigilla

    Here's the link of my entry.. I hope you enjoy reading my article :)) Happy Birthday!

  44. December is one of my most awaited and celebrated month, it's like hitting two birds in one stone, my birthday and Christmas!

    On December 15, it will be my special day, my birthday! I make it special by praying to God, and thanking him and my parents for giving life to me, and as they continuously bless me all these years. I usually celebrate it with my COMPLETE family and friends as we have a party, having small or big talks/chit chats, great laughs shared and munch on my usual "handa" - cake, ice cream, spaghetti, chicken, rice and other viands. My friends would always love to guess my usual "handa" yearly.

    10 days after my special day would be another special day not only for me, for our Maker and for all! It's Christmas! It's His birthday and we celebrate it by giving or sharing with one another. I make it special and I believe, almost all of us do that we can make Christmas or any other day special by giving thanks to our Maker for always being there for us and it's the time for our family to unite and have fun as we share the most precious and ultimate gift that we could give, our love for one another.

    I think, any day would be special as long our family is together and as we give love with one another.

    Katherine Castro

  45. What I did + details you need:
    1. I followed your blog via Google Connect using ejcayaba/Ellen Joy
    2. I shared your blogpost in this URL:
    3. I shared your contest and blogged my answer here:
    4. My facebook name is Ellen Joy Castel Cayaba (
    5. My email address is

    My Answer...
    Frankly, I think Christmas is more special than my birthday and so, I see to it that it really becomes the most special day of every year. It’s like birthdays and anniversaries altogether. Well, why won’t it be special? It’s Christ’s birthday! So what I do is that I do a lot of things that I don’t regularly do during the other 364 days of the year.

    I make it a point to do something special for those who are dearest to me. I cook my family’s fave meals (which are not included in our day to day menus simply because they are expensive) and eat it together with them. Sometimes, we even eat on the same plate and that’s fun (and sometimes messy). I make Christmas cards – handmade ones using paper, scissors, glue, artpaper, crayola, etc. – for each of my loved ones. I force hubby to visit my family in Novaliches and we stay up late the whole night so we can take pictures and share laughs and stories.

    I try to get in touch with my friends, especially those who I care for and miss much. If I could, I would love to visit them too.

    I empty my paypal account and I try to buy gifts – perhaps not so expensive ones because frankly, I’m not that well-off. BUT, you can be sure that if I give you gifts, then these gifts are gifts that I have well thought of and planned about – and much saved for.

    I try to share what I have – but only to people who really need my help. I don’t give just to anyone who asks for help because I believe that we shouldn’t tolerate other people’s laziness and irresponsibility even during the holidays. I reserve what I can give to people who really need it like kids who work near highways and busy streets so they can make money for their families or old people who are already too weak to work but still try their best to sell candies and cigarettes or sing and play guitars or flutes.

    Lastly, I try my best to show the Lord that I am thankful for what he has given me. I celebrate with him in mind. This may be a cliché for some but yes, I pray wholeheartedly – in a special way on that day. I greet Him. I think of the blessings I have received – both the enjoyable and the challenging ones. I celebrate my life with my loved ones and I celebrate the lives that He has given through me. I decide to be the happiest that day and I do my best to spread that happiness to everyone.

  46. Charlene Tan of Yellow Yum will be celebrating her birthday with a fab contest. Special... I make my birthdays, Christmas, and every other occasion special by taking some time off from work and spending the entire day with my hubby and baby. I also make sure that I get to have one meal with the rest of the fam. An occasion doesn't feel special if I don't get to share the day with my dad, mom and sisters. I also make it a point to treat my self to something I really like. It doesn't have to be way expensive, a large cup of froyo or a set of colored pens can usually make the day special already.

    Repost of contest pic is here:
    Everything else:

    Abi Tan


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