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So one of the most talked about headlines at the moment is the GQ Cover of Glee. Dianna Agron, Cory Montieth and Lea Michele, who play the role of Quinn, Finn and Rachel respectively posed for the magazine. It was pretty provocative and given that Glee has a young audience, it became a topic of discussion worldwide.

When I first heard this on the news, I was so curious I wanted to see the photos. People were saying that it borderlined pedophilia. I saw the GQ Magazine website and saw these pics and well now I feel torn.

I have always always always loved the show because I think it talks so much about what’s happening in real life. At first it was being compared to High School Musical but it’s pretty obvious how it’s totally different from the latter. It talked about real experiences, problems, such as sexuality, separation, broken families, teenage pregnancies, insecurities and so much more. I felt like it really showed what’s happening in the real world and it was a show that’s so interesting because you know it’s the truth.


Is it a show for kids? Maybe not. I would say it should be with parental guidance. As the issues tackled in the show are far more mature than kids who watch Barney, the dinosaur. They wouldn’t know what’s fictional, what’s right and what’s innocent or harmful. I feel like the show is a mature show. One that talks of issues of today’s teenagers and it’s upto the maturity of the audience to learn from the mistakes and experiences of the characters and not mimic the wrong doings.


It’s light enough for teens to watch because it’s a musical. Apparently. And there’s so many lessons to be learned. I love that I get to see the characters grow too and learn from their mistakes.

Now I understand that these actors (Dianna, Cory and Lea) are already in their mid-20s and are just portraying highschool characters in the show, which gives them the right to pose racy in these shots. It’s their bodies and they’re already in their right mind to know what’s right from wrong. I can’t say that I’m not surprised by the photos. I am. Given the innocence of Rachel Berry in the show, how on earth would I think that she would wear those outfit and be all sexy in a shoot?!


But see they have their own line of acting. Lea Michele was first a stage actress. And from interviews in the past, I know she had to do frontal and show her breasts in some of her plays. It’s art, it’s part of the show. So maybe these poses aren’t hard for her to do. Dianna Agron’s wardrobe wasn’t at all too sexy. It’s a hanging blouse. Cheerleaders in the real world sometimes wear them that way. And a short skirt doesn’t make a statement. And what else can I say with Cory Montieth’s shoot? It was no biggie.


I understand however, that kids look up to them. So it’s like seeing Britney Spears all smiley all innocent, then removing her clothing piece  by piece. I know it’s shocking. Plus the fact that some people look at them as their characters in the show, kids, highschool teens. That’s what the problem is.


So maybe these photos are too racy. But for me, it’s not. Personally, I found it not so bad. The girls had the body, so why not flaunt it. And when I saw the photos, I just thought maybe they’re showing the world that they are indeed actors and can play different characters. And that they are grown ups.


It’s   normal for stars to expand their horizons. Why not? They don’t want to get stuck to the same wholesome image until they’re old and gray right?


I think what people should do is not just judge the photos but read the article. I think it makes sense right? Photos are just there to amuse you and get you reading the article. Another thing… isn’t it that GQ always have sexy covers? So what’s new with this? And personally, I don’t feel like it’s super sexy in a malicious way. Or maybe it’s just me because I’ve been reading about the three of them separately, how they started, how their lives are, etc.

Well now that “the damage has been done”, just enjoy the eye candy. The sexiness and beauty of Dianna Agron, Cory Montieth and Lea Michele.


*photos from GQ Magazine

Here’s a the article so you can go ahead and read it if you’re interested. :)



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