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Hi guys, how are you doing? I’m quite giddy because in less than three weeks I get to see my husband again. I’m really really excited. It’s the last time I’ll be THAT far from him and I can’t wait to see him! Plus, it’s almost our anniversary. About three weeks more or less. :)

On to my post, I’m blabbing again. Well we have a lot of dogs, and my dogs sleep in my room, as you know, sometimes they smell. Especially when they accidentally pee or poop, the room smells bad. I’ve tried a couple of things like candles, scented oils, etc. However, I don’t find them effective. I don’t like using sprays because they just mask the smell for a couple of minutes and then that’s it.

So when I went to the supermarket a few weeks back, I tried and bought Renuzit Aroma in After the Rain.

This I find effective! And I like the scent. It’s not very sweet, just a hint of sweentess, it’s floral, very light but potent in masking the bad smell.

I put this inside my restroom. My room doesn’t smell bad, but my restroom does. My husband trained our dogs to pee and poop inside the rest room, in the shower area to be exact. It’s actually great because I just need to spray the pee with water. No sweat. However, I find that the smell stays. And if you’re a dog lover like me, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Renuzit Aroma does the trick! It’s effective and I’ve been using it for three weeks now and it’s still good.
  You just need to twist open the cap and let air in.

There’s a lot of variants but I liked After the Rain best. I think it suits the room, since I kept it in the restroom. I’m still thinking if I should get another variant for my room. Just to make it smell even nicer and yummier. I’m thinking maybe the Apple Cinnamon. They say cinnamon and vanilla are aphrodisiacs. Haha! But I just like how they smell, sweet and I think it suits the bedroom. ;)



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