Megaga Brushes: 10 Premiere Set

I’ll be going abroad again next month and I try to pack light as much as I could. I’m not a light packer, I really am not. But because of our honeymoon which lasted for 2 weeks and travelled 3 countries, I had to. And the last time I travelled, I didn’t have a checked in luggage. But even though I try to pack light, I never never forget my kikay essentials which include the skin care products I use, makeup and brushes. Like what I mentioned before, I am into makeup brushes and I have so many already that’s why I’m selling some of my pre-owned ones. But I just want to share favorite travel companion- Megaga Professional 10 Premiere Set.

The reason why I like this set is because I think it has everything that I would need in a travel set. And it isn’t composed of small travel size brushes. I like working with regular sized brushes better as travel size brushes need more control because they’re smaller.

Let’s talk about the brushes included and what I use them for:

Retractable lip brush- I use for my lip palette. I sometimes bring my Dollface 32pc Lip Palette with me when I go abroad because lip color choices is always great. You never know when you need a peach, pink or red lip! :p
Powder brush- I use for my powder foundation. I normally use powder than liquid foundation, especially when I travel. It’s light weight, doesn’t give me too much trouble in removing it. And it’s more natural looking.
Foundation brush- Since I don’t use liquid or cream foundies, I use this as a big concealer brush. I use it for my Max Factor Panstick for my undereye area.
Eyeshadow brushes- Of course I use this for my eyeshadow application. If I don’t put on eyeshadow, I use the bigger eyeshadow brush to set my setting powder on top of my concealer.
Angeled eyeshadow/contour brush- I usually use this brush to blend my eyeshadow. I use it as a blending brush. If I don’t apply eyeshadow though, I use it to contour my nose bridge.
Angeled/eyebrow brush- Well for my eyebrows using Modelco Eyebrow Design Kit.
Eyeliner brush- I normally use for my foiled eyeshadow as eyeliner.
Spongetip applicator- This I don’t usually use. But this is a good smudge brush.
Fan brush- I use for my blush and contour. I find using a fan brush, you get more control of the product. I like using fan brush for my blush as it gives a natural finish.

Plus the case is really sleek and sophisticated! :)

So I am in love with this set and this is the set I always bring with me whenever I travel. It’s a great buy, it really is. And it’s one of the brush sets of Megaga Professional that I really go GAGA over. :) How about you? What’s your travel set?



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