Short Hiatus

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been able to blog that much recently. I’ve just been really busy with work and my upcoming business trip. So I will be leaving tonight and will be back next week. I hope to post a lot of new finds from my trip and maybe staple places that we go to. I’m quite excited for I will be going with my husband and I hope to squeeze in a little relaxation time. *hint hint* massage spa sleep *hint hint* We’ll see if we find a good and comfortable place for that.


So yeah, I won’t be able to blog during these days for our schedule is quite packed and I surely will be tired most of the time that when we go back to the hotel, I’ll be fast asleep. I think I have a few posts lined up and have already scheduled them for publishing. I will also be checking my email regularly, updating my store’s website and facebook. I hope that the trip is productive! :)


So stay tuned for a lot of photos! :p



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