Chef de Angelo

I've already eaten in Chef de Angelo so many times with my husband. We usually order the sampler meals because it's already a full meal with pasta, pizza and chicken. But this time, I went out with my friends after attending the Bobbi Brown workshop. So I was able to try different food offered by Chef de Angelo.

Nachos and Dips P140.00

Our yummy appetizer! It was big enough for the four of us to share. It was simple, with two dips. Simple and delicious!

Tomato Based Spagetti Pomodoro P95.00

This, I liked very much. It was just Italian tomato sauce but it was soooo goooodd. I love this pasta. This is also the pasta that I order with my samplers. :)

Tomato Based Pasta Paella P180.00

I'm actually allergic to shrimps and crabs but I wanted to try this because it looked really good. It was okay, juicy not dry at all. But I couldn't give a proper testimonial since I just had a spoonful of this. I didn't want to have an allergic reaction. :p But my friends seem to like it. It was simot-sarap!

Four Cheese 12" Pizza P330.00

Save the best for last! I actually suggested to get a meaty pizza since I'm a meat lover, but my friend Carol wanted this and since I was up to trying something different, so we tried this. I must say, I'm so glad we ordered this. It was super good! I will order this again next time. It was so good. Very cheezy, the crust was tender not dry and not toasted. Just perfect! I could taste the different cheezes used. It was really good. My favorite order of the night!

Group Photo

We enjoyed the food so much and our chickahan (conversations), we didn't realize it was already 10pm! The food was good, we also chose a corner table so we won't be disturbed. I really love these girls and so glad I got to see them again! :) And thanks to Chef de Angelo, it made the reunion so worth the wait.



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