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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Elianto Brush Cleanser

After a weeklong deep retreat (without any spa! BOOHOO!), I've finally brought myself up and I'm feeling better now. Whew! Well sooner or later, I'll be back to normal in no time. ;)

Anyways, after a long hiatus, I've decided to post something close to my heart, makeup. :p

I'm sharing one of a makeup artists' best friend. A brush cleanser!

Take note: I actually use a mild soap to clean my brushes. You can also use a baby shampoo to do this. However, there are some events that require you to work fast and work on several faces with a limited amount of time. So what do you do? It's quite unsanitary to use the same brush for other faces. You would want to sanitize and clean it before using it again.

So I use my Elianto brush cleanser in times like this.
(This bottle has been with me for more than 7 months and it's more than half full!)

Back view:

I transfer it to an atomizer spray bottle for easier usage and compact storage.

What I do is after using a brush a spritz a small amount of the cleanser to the hair of the brush and swirl the brush to a tissue paper and voila, all clean.

Tutorial coming soon!

Note: I still clean it with my mild soap when I get home though. I only use Elianto brush cleanser when I need to sanitize my brushes during a gig that requires me to work on many faces.

  1. You can never have too many brushes especially if you're a makeup artist! :)
  2. Invest on your brushes! You'll be using it so many times and good quality brushes will save your day!
  3. Use brush cleanser (whatever brand it is) sparingly. The components of the cleanser may be too harsh on your brushes. It has alcohol, so if you don't want to ruin your babies, spray just a small amount of cleanser until all the pigments are removed.
  4. Clean your brushes after every gig! You don't want your brushes to be infested by bacterias and use it for your clients again.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Nobody told us to get our trophy, says Franz

By Abac Cordero of Philippine Star
Saturday, September 27, 2008

It wasn’t really on purpose that La Salle failed to accept the runner-up trophy last Thursday at the Big Dome following a very painful loss to Ateneo in the UAAP finals.

Coach Franz Pumaren said as the hurting Green Archers locked themselves inside their dugout after the game, nobody really told them that it was time to receive their trophy.

(Related stories on Page 15)

“Nobody told us to come out and accept the trophy,” said Pumaren yesterday. He was no longer as bitter as he was right after Ateneo clinched the title with a 62-51 win.

“Of course we were feeling bad but we were never really told to come out,” said Pumaren, who rued the officiating in the game that turned out to be the last of the season.

According to Pumaren, UAAP president Sergio Cao of host University of the Philippines decided to hand the champion’s trophy to Ateneo, amid all the celebration going on in the court, even if La Salle had not accepted theirs.

“I was told Mr. Cao told Fr. Bernie Oca (of La Salle) that they did not bother to call us because they felt that we were feeling really bad. That’s why we were not told to come out anymore,” said Pumaren.

Pumaren said it has already happened in the past that the runner-up team in the UAAP was no longer asked to come out and accept the trophy.

The Green Archers, their coach added, have already accepted defeat.

“We’re okay now. In fact we’re already looking forward to next year,” said Pumaren, adding that from the Big Dome the Green Archers had a sumptuous dinner in a Chinese restaurant in San Juan.

Last Thursday’s match was the last game for JV Casio in the UAAP, and probably also for Rico Maierhofer who might turn pro since he’s about to finish his studies.

“Whatever Rico’s decision is we have to respect. We will not hold him back. He has played for La Salle for so long and he has given us a title (2007). He’s ripe for the PBA,” said Pumaren.

Pumaren raised the fact that during game the Blue Eagles were awarded 28 free throws (making 18) off 29 fouls called on the Green Archers.

“And compared to us, we were awarded only eight free throws during the entire game where Ateneo only had 13 fouls in 40 minutes of play,” he said.

“It’s quite a disparity. But that’s how the competition goes,” he said.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When it rain, it pours

When it rain, it pours... that's how I would describe yesterday. I was in a big hole and was feeling so bad words cannot describe it. From the start of the day until I go to bed, stress, problems seemed to take its toll on me. I wanted to stay home today, rest for a while and not do anything, but I couldn't. I'll be meeting with clients and some suppliers today and I've already confirmed the schedule. I know I have to snap out of this real soon, but I wanted to allow myself to feel how I'm feeling for the time being because I know it's valid.

How many times have people told you to "be strong, and ignore what others are saying and thinking". This is true and if I wasn't in this predicament, I would say the same too. But honestly, is it that easy? It's not. I've learned that we have let ourselves feel tired, hurt, angry, emotional sometimes. Those feeling will make us stronger one day, sooner hopefully, but we have to feel it and let emotions flow.

I'm so grateful that my family was there to back me up to comfort me during these times. I know that they're also worried about me, my welfare. And I cannot thank them enough for simply being there. Because of these times, I also learned who my real and true friends are. I'm so lucky to have found friends I can trust. Two of my friends, Mari and Vassy dropped everything when I asked them to meet me. They didn't know what my situation is, but they were there, with just one call (or email).

I'm still feeling low as of this moment, but knowing that I am loved and that life must go on, I know I'll be fine, soon I hope. For now, I'm just happy that I feel better than yesterday. Though my heart is still aching, my mind still throbbing, it's a lot better now.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for letting me feel this way for now. Thank you for simply being who you are.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Mood: Low

For the couple of weeks, I've been preoccupied with a project I'm doing. It's quite stressful since it involves a lot of detailed planning. And now I don't know if this is due to stress, or it's just because of a situation I'm currently in... I am feeling low. I'm sad, I feel helpless, irritated. I've been dealing with a lot of things right now, with my project, gigs, etc. I guess I just feel that I need a vacation, some sort of free time to do nothing.

Thanks to my friends, Mari and Vassy for being there when I needed comforting. Seeing you guys already made me feel lighter than how I feel now.

I hope all my worries come to an end, and I do get my much deserved vacation really soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy Bee & House

Hi guys,
Just want to share I've been so busy and I'll be quite busy these coming weeks, because of personal matters. Nevertheless, I'll still be posting time and time again, so keep us in your bookmark.

Did I mention... I've only watched 2 full episodes of House? Haha! Well I find him quite funny amidst his obnoxious acts and speeches. Anyways, I don't follow the series but if I catch it on, I watch it.

I saw this poster, I think House is already on its 5th season. I found it funny. This is really HIS personality! Haha! :)

Do you watch House too? What series do you follow?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

EOTD:Colorful Eye

I have been quite busy lately that I haven't had time to post new and exciting entries. So here I am with an eye makeup tutorial.
I find eye makeup really challenging but fun. It's all about blending and combination of color and balance. Thus, the eye makeup is really the one responsible for making the whole look stand out! (That is if you're not wearing red lipstick.)
One day when I got home, I saw my old sarong (sarong is cover up in English). Sarongs are always coloful and mine was no exception. My sarong had a lot of pink, blue, purple and green. So I was inspired to do a colorful eye makeup tutorial. :)
My eye. (You can see a crease because of my oily lids.) :(
Prep the entire eye with primer. I'm using Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream.

I'm using my Elianto palette for my eye color since I bought lots of candy eye colors. I'm using this cool pink shade.
Using my Suesh eyeshadow brush. I apply to the center of my lid.

Here's how it should look:
Next is to apply the second color which I'll be putting on the inner corner of my eye. I'm using the apple green shade.
Apply it from the inner corner blending to the pink shade.
Unblended version:
Blend it well so that the demarkation goes away.

My third shade, I'm using the dark blue shade from my palette.

I apply it on the outer corner of my eye forming a v shape.
Like this:
Blend blend blend!
Now for highlight, I'm using Lancome Color Focus in Moonlight.
Line the eye with liquid eyeliner. I'm using Fashion 21 liquid eyeliner in black.
Add some color on the lower lashline. I used the apple green and cool pink shades.
Lastly curl the lashes and add mascara. I used Maybelline Unstopabble Shiny Black mascara.
Final look:

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Island Spa (Heaven on the Fifth)

Weeks ago, (sorry I've been so busy that I wasn't able to post an entry about this earlier) I had a really bad headache one day and it was pouring outside. I wanted, needed to have a massage and a good sleep. Before heading home, I went around Makati to find a good massage place. I went to several spas but they were close (it was around lunch time, 12:30?), most of them opens 2pm onwards. I had to take myself to a mall to check other spas. I ended up going to Heaven on the 5th at Rustan's. I knew there was a sanctuary there, although I heard it was expensive. There was Island Spa. I've been to Island Spa in Jupiter several times before. I have to say I love their ginger tea (the best ever!) and the massage was not so bad either. So I headed straight inside and got myself their famous Foot and Body Massage. It was much expensive than Jupiter's. It was about P900+ (I forgot how much it was, if I'm not mistaken it's P980.) for 1.5 hours. Yes, it was expensive, but I really needed it for my head was already cracking from pain.

The staff were very very friendly. I don't know if it's because I was their first customer or they wer just that way, friendly. I got a private room, I wasn't impressede with the room. It was a small cubicle. Compared to their branch in Jupiter, their bathroom was even bigger to this "room". I wasn't able to take photos of the room, because my stupid camera phone couldn't produce enough light/flash. Haha! :)

The girl in the photo is not me. :) Got this photo from the internet. (Sorry I forgot where.)

Anyway, back to the service. My therapist was really good. Her name's Cecille. Look for her if you want a hard massage like me. :) She started with the foot massage which lasted for about an hour. I loved it. The pressure was good, I didn't have to tell her over and over again to make it harder. I told her before the session started that I wanted her to focus on my feet and my aching head. Not so on my back. Anyways, after my foot massage (it was my kind of massage, it was Thai foot massage. If you remember the Xiammen foot massage that I didn't like? : / ) we started with my back massage. She used oil to do this which I appreciate. I don't really like dry massages and massages with your clothes on. I don't like the feeling when my clothes are rubbed against my body. It hurts most of the time. Since she knew that I wanted hard massage, she also used her knees while balancing her weight to put more pressure. I loved it. It didn't hurt, just enough pressure. Lastly was my head. My head was spinning so I really really wanted her to focus on my head, and she did! She pulled my hair very gently, pressed the pressure points and made me relax more.

I also liked the fact that they let me stay and sleep for awhile. I think I slept for around 30 minutes more. I don't know if it's because it was a weekday so there were not much people, or if they really let you stay. I didn't hear any interruptions and I was able to doze off. After the massage, I felt energized and I felt a lot better.

Overall, I liked the experience. I loved the therapist. I'll probably visit her again, but would probably go to the Jupiter branch instead. Rustan's branch was really more expensive. It's about P100-140 more expensive.

Just to share with you, here are some photos of their branch in Jupiter. (These were the only pictures I found in the internet.)

I was also able to find a price list of the branch in Rustan's.

Island Spa
Jupiter Branch:
2nd Level Jupiter Place 136 Jupiter St.
Bel-Air, Makati City
899-1234 or 751-8296
Rustan's Branch:
Level 5, Heaven on the Fifth
Rustan's Makati, Glorietta

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Allergies. I think everyone has allergies. Some are mild and some are really dangerous that can even lead to death. I have read an article about dangerous allergies that led to death of several teenagers in the U.S.

Personally, I have allergies, but they differ in effects. Most often I keep on sneezing, and some I get red bumps on my body. Let me share with you some of the things I'm allergic to. (I think some of you will pity me.)


Yes I am allergic to crabs. I don't think I was born allergic to it, because I remember munching on crabs when I was younger. My parents would crack the shell for me so I can eat the meat easily. But eventually as I grew up, I started getting red bumps whenever I eat crabs.


I'm also allergic to shrimps. However, it's quite weird because I can eat tempura, and I do eat tempura. However, for other dishes, I also get red bumps. I also used to eat shrimps, but got allergies same time as I got allergic to crabs. I wonder why?! H says it may be the way the shrimps are prepared and cooked. Some shrimp dishes need the shrimps to be deveined first before cooking. H says I might be allergic to the vein and not really the meat of the shrimp.

Oh well whatever it is, I've decided to abstain from eating crabs and shrimps. (Poor me as they say) Since I'm pure Chinese, we would always order shrimps and crabs during special occassions, and yes, I don't eat the crabs and shrimps. My dad never fails to order my fish or other meat just to make sure I have something to eat. My mom says I have to regularly eat them to boost my "immunity" to the allergies. But nah, I've accepted the fact that I will never eat crabs and shrimps again. Good thing those are my only allergies! Imagine if I'm allergic to chicken or beef. Oh no!!!! ;)

How about you? What are you allergic to?

Photo credit: Hilda Bonnevie

Monday, September 8, 2008

MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Divine Lime

On to another review. One of my unexpected favorites, the MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Divine Lime. From my previous entry, this was one of the products I got from MAC. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I thought it would look to "doll-like", but when I tried it, I instantly loved it.

So let's begin.

Before I used the glitter eyeliner, I would first use a pencil eyeliner for the base. In this case I used a MAC Technakohl. I used the greypaint shade.

Forgot to tightline. (Sorry!) :)

Now on to the fun part! Here is the glitter eyeliner to be used.
Apply the glitter eyeliner on top of graypaint. Reapply until desired amount of glitters have been transferred.

Let it dry before opening your eyes to prevent smudging.

Curl lashes (tip: warm up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer before curling, it boosts the curls and makes it stay longer) and apply Lancome High Definition Mascara in Black.

Thoughts on the product: I like it because it already gives life to the eyes. I didn't apply any eyeshadow, yet because of the sparkles of the eyeliner, my eyes already pop. :) This is a great eye makeup for going to the mall or meeting your girlfriends. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sharing one of my client's pictures during a wedding. She had long hair but her hair was very thin. She asked for an updo since she felt that she was having a bad hair day. I wanted to raise her confidence by giving her the it-girl package, so after doing her makeup, I proceeded with her updo.
Here is the final result. Very sleek, very classy and it keeps all her hair in place so she doesn't need to move it from her face.

Tips: For this look, I used a lot of hairspray, because she had layered hair. I also used a lot of hairpins to secure all the loose ends and to make it clean. For the bun, I used 1 hairnet to keep the hair in place. To add volume to her thin hair, I puffed it by teasing/backcombingb the hair before putting the hairnet. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My dad was craving for steak last Sunday, so we initially planned to go to Racks. But the rain was pouring really hard so my mum suggested we eat in a mall so we won't have a hard time parking.

We ended up eating at Myron's in Powerplant.

There were so many people at Powerplant that day and we had to wait for our turn to be seated.

Here is the menu. The photo is a little small. My sister took most of the photos. But for most photos, I had to edit the colors since the place had dim light and the photos turned out quite dark. Had to adjust the brightness and contrast.

We ordered a lot. So without further ado,

Cream of Pumpkin Soup (P100)
This is very very yummy! I love the thickness and the texture of the soup. It really was delicious. It's a must try if you're dining in Myron's.

Mussels Mariniere (P200)
We ordered two bowls of this. It was good, but the soup was a little bit salty for my taste. And the mussels were small. :( I don't know if it's worth it, since I don't really know how much mussels cost.

Penne with Spicy Chorizo and Mushroom (P270)
I ordered this thinking it would be yummy. I love love love penne and red sauce. However, I was really disappointed. It was a sweet kind of pasta (Pinoy style but not Spagetchup :p). I really like Italian pasta where the sauce is a little bit in the sour side. I didn't also find a lot of chorizo. Not good.

On to our steak...
US Angus Pepper Steak 6 oz with sidings (P450)
Side of Rice

Side of Baked Potato

Side of Fries
Side of Mashed Potato
First of all, I ordered the one with mashed potato and I loved the mashed potato. It was uber delicious. But!!!!! The steak was too peppery. My sisters couldn't even eat it because it was too spicy for them, so they had to remove all the pepper before diving in. At first, it was just okay for me, but eventually, I really didn't like it anymore. The steak was tender enough although it was dry. There was too much pepper, way too much pepper, we can't taste the steak anymore. :( Bad bad bad order!

Duet of US Angus Steak and Grilled Prawns (P500)
This was the order of my mum. I got to try it, I liked the bacon part, and the steak wasn't as peppery as ours. But I think it's still not worth the price. I wasn't able to try the prawns since I'm allergic to them. Mum said we should have eaten at Everything at Steak. Haha! So I guess it means she didn't like her meal either.

Overall, the ambiance was okay. It was cozy, great for dates. But the customer service sucks big time. Right after my mum occupied one table, a waiter came up to us and asked her to stand up as he checks if we were supposed to sit there. We kept telling him the waitress outside asked us to enter and occupy the table, but he insisted we should wait for further instructions. THE NERVE!!! And as we ordered and asked for spoons/water/etc., they were not very pleased to be serving us, which we find quite annyoying. Never should they treat customers that way, whoever they are. Plus, the food wasn't anything spectacular. With that amount of money, it wasn't worth it. I am definitely not going back.

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