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Sunday, August 31, 2008


H was so so excited to show me a "gadget" he recently bought. I've always laughed at the fact that he has so many small gadgets that not all people know about, much less own. Anyways, so when he showed me his new found gadget, he followed by telling me he bought me one too.

Here it is... Swivelz! It's P79.75 found in Handyman.

It's for cleaning glass tops. Cleaning of Swivelz is actually very easy too. Simply wash it with water and soap and let it dry.

Here it is. H bought a red one for me, and black for him.

It can be opened just like the photo below for easier cleaning (such as watches).

It's very very handy and has a keychain, so you can keep this in your purse.

Use it for your eyewear. It really does clean.

For your watch. Small dirt? Swivelz leaves nothing but clean lenses!

For my calculator. Hehe! You can also use it for your laptop screens and pc monitors. Those are always always dirty. Just make sure you clean Swivelz after.

My cellphone. You're sure it doesn't scratch the lens, unlike our normal wipes.

Let's just say even though I laugh at the gadgets of H I'm always always impressed. :p So happy he got me this too, what a thoughtful gesture. :)

Friday, August 29, 2008


After doing hair and makeup for Gagate-Ramos wedding, I had to make sure I dress the part and look the part too before I head to the reception.

Here's my look. :) I love it! Very very classy. :) (I took this photo when I got home, since I didn't really had the time to take photos while doing my makeup.)

Let's break it down.
Products Used:


Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream
Shu Uemura Yellow Cream Eyeshadow
Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow in Glistening Sand
Elianto Eyeshadow in Black
Elianto Eyeshadow in Dirty White for highlight (I forgot the name, but it's looks like an off-white)
Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Winc Instant Lash Duo Mascara
Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

In2It Eyebrow Duo
Closer view:
Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream
Loreal Liquid Foundation in N3 mixed with a few drops of Golder Amber
Dream Minerals Mineral Foundation in Charlene
Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Rajah for Contour
Shiseido Luminizing Powder in Bronze Shimmer for Blush
Skin Hour Firming & Clarifying Toner to set makeup

Shiseido Lipliner in Mauve-Brown
MAC Lipgelee in Gilded Kiss

I thought that I was pretty that night. :) Confident enough to face everyone and proud of my work for myself and for them. :)
Ciao! :D

Siam Ocean World

Are you serious?????????

This is the only question I have in mind!

Recap! H went to Thailand early this month and he took photos of his trip. He mentioned that he went to this mall and was surpised when he saw a "tourist attraction" inside the mall. When I asked what it was, he showed me these photos.

See the fishies? I wasn't really stunned, I thought that there were are aquariums in the mall, and you get to see them. But no!!!

There was a shark shop?! What's that about? Dive with the sharks??????????

The last photo made me scream!

Walk with the sharks? Dive with the sharks? Are you kidding? Who in their right mind will want to be in an aqarium full of sharks? Eeep!!! The thought of it already makes me sick. (I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm afraid of sharks! :p) So I asked more information about it from O. He wasn't sure because he didn't try it, but he thinks you'll be placed in a "cage" and will be suspended to the water, so that the shark can't really eat you but you can still see it upclose.

See upclose? How about feel upclose? WAAHH! What if he bumps and bumps the "cage" and if the shark's too strong, what if he destroys the cage? I'm being paranoid, I know. But being trapped in a "cage" while the predator is aiming for me and I can't really do anything about it, swim fast, nada... it doesn't tickle my fancy! OH MY!!!! What an "attraction!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Baby Boo

I think it's time for me to introduce everyone to my baby...
He is so cute, very very sweet, furry, very mabait and protective. His name is Boo, my Miniature Schnauzer.
Boo was given to me by H as a birthday gift three years ago. He's the son of H's Chi and the brother of Hans. You might recognize Hans from all his tv guestings and his dog shows. :)

I've always liked dogs, and before Boo, we already have Poochi. I'll introduce him next time. When Chi gave birth, I really asked for a pup from H. Thankfully, he gave me Boo. He said, then I can try taking care of someone. Mother in the making perhaps?!?

Boo is really really sweet. Eveyone in the house says so. Even my dad who doesn't like dogs, love him. He sits beside you and sometimes he takes your hand and lets him touch you. What I love most is when he sees me upset or mad, he comes and sits beside me, quietly he waits for me to look at his beautiful meaningful eyes and he takes my hand.

The photos here were taken during the calendar pictorial for the Miniature Schnauzer Club of the Philippines. Boo was so behave that the photographer didn't have a hard time making him pose. Thus, his photos were used for Pooch Park's banner and flyers. :) That's my Boo!

He is three years old this year and even though he already has sons and daughters of his own (two litters), he is still our baby, he is still MY baby.

With his brother Hans. Boo is on the left.

I LOVE BABY BOO! Though we rarely spend time together anymore because of my busy schedule, please know that I will always always love you and I miss you all the time. Now I can't wait to go home and see him!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wensha Spa with my girls!

I haven't had the time to blog about my new spa experiences, I'm so behind! I have had about 3 massages and haven't posted them yet. Been so busy lately. :(

Anyways, for my kabarkada's birthday (Shout out to Cee!), we decided to treat her to a spa day! Gen has suggested we try Wensha Spa near the World Trade Center. So let's start with the photos!

(Note: The photos are from Anton of Ourawesomeplanet. I wasn't able to take photos during out stay. I've read Anton's review about it last year and have always wanted to visit it.)

Here is Wensha outside.

This is the locker room and the wet floor is here too.

This is the hallway. You'll see some tables for dining as well.

Now here goes the experience! The massages are for P580 inclusive of 8 hour accomodation and buffet. We'll get to the buffet part later. :) At first, I was hesitant with the price but considering we get to use the wet floor and there's food invloved, I thought maybe it's not so bad. So why not give it a try.

We were handed our robes and went to the common room for our foot massage. Yes, we only got foot massages and gave Cee a foot massage and mani-pedi package. I don't really like common rooms just because I'd rather have my private time for myself. I've only been in three common rooms to this date. Moving on, the chairs were okay, there were televisions and headphones each chair, which was pretty high-tech I must say. The therapists were men and female. And I don't know if you should request a female therapist if you're not comfortable with a male. It was my first time to have a male therapist since I didn't know we had to request. (It wasn't so bad, he was strong and I didn't have to ask him to make the pressure harder again and again.) It was my first time to have a male therapist. I would guess O wouldn't be comfortable with it, but then again we love going to massages that I'm not sure if he'd still mind.

The massage was good. It was a combination of head, back and foot massage. I love that my therapist was really strong and I almost dozed off. Well almost... my friends continuously talked and talked that I wasn't able to sleep. It was okay though. I had fun with my friends. :)

After our hour-long massages, we headed to the dining area. Honestly, when Gen and Diana reminded me that there was buffet, I thought there will be a variety of food and we can eat as much as we want. Unfortunately, there was only shabu shabu. You get to choose what ingredients to put, but that was it. No rice, no pasta, nada, zilch. Although you still get to eat as much shabu shabu as you want. It was okay, it's still food.

I think I enjoyed this experience not just because of the good massage, or the so-so food, but because I was with my barkada whom I love talking to. We actually stayed there for about 6 hours. We honestly couldn't believe it was almost 10pm! We chitchatted the night away. Haha!

Will I return? Maybe... I might bring O there, let him try. But I want to make sure there's more food and not just shabu shabu before going there. And well, honestly, this type of spa, it's better to bring your girls. :)

Wensha Spa
in front of World Trade Center,
Gil Puyat St.

Friday, August 22, 2008

MAC Technakohl in Greyprint and Uniform

Spotlight on my 2 MAC Technakohl eyeliners. As I've said in my previous entry, I'll try to review the products. So now, it's time to talk about the Technakohl eyeliners I got.

Uniform and Greyprint

First stop, Greyprint...

I lined my eyes, just the top part. Didn't put any eyeshadow for that "daytime and simple look".

Wasn't able to tightline, sorry! :) The color looks great. It gives the eye a little "pop", a little something that we can't pinpoint.

Now, for Uniform...

I lined both top and bottom close to the lashline.

I like the shade of Uniform. When you just look at the eyeliner pencil, you'd think it's mostly a hint of green, but when you apply it, as seen in the photo, it looks more brown than green.

I curled my lashes and put Winc Instant Lash Duo Mascara for a sexy look.

Thoughts on the product: I really like these liners. I've never been a pencil eyeliner kind of girl, I'd rather use foiled mineral eyeliner, because it's really easier to handle. But now I'm beginning to really enjoy and learn more using pencil liners. Technakohl doesn't smudge! So if you want to smudge your liner, this is not for you. But for smudge-free lining, this is great! I have really oily lids as I've mentioned over and over here. So putting primer is always a must for me. So before I put anything on my eye, I start with Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream. The line stays put for hours! No need to retouch. Plus, I like using eyeliner when I'm too lazy to wear makeup or if I'm just going to do an errand. You don't have to be madeup all the time, so just a sweep of eyeliner, voila, you're great!

For Greyprint: The color is nice since it gives your eyes a little "pop", a subtle one. However, I realized when I roadtested the products that this shade isn't advisable to acidic people like me. Since my eyelids tend to go grayish and dark, the greyprint shade looks too gray, and not in a good way. I can still use this, but maybe I have to put shadow first to counter the acidity and the color.

For Uniform: I am a fan of this shade! I love the fact that it looks a little green and brown at the same time. It reminds me of "army", this shade. I wear it alone with a clean face and pink or red lips. :) I really really like this color! And it's not as harsh as black eyeliners. Love it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Star Carrots Pepper Steak

Because of the Pepper Steak fad, I had to try Star Carrots. It's located in Metro East mall. I've seen this restau a couple of times before but didn't really know that they served pepper steak. How would think they do, the name of the restaurant's Star Carrots? I've always thought it's a vegetarian diner. Anyways, H tried this the night before. He was really hungry so when he saw that it was steak they were best known for, he tried it out. And the day of me trying Star Carrots for the first time arrived.

Here is the view from the outside.

According to the palace mat, they are the first in the Philippines to serve Pepper Steak, and they serve fast. (Actually they do. After about 10 minutes or less, we already got our orders. Although we ate around 5-530pm, so there were not much customers yet.)

Here is the menu. Not too expensive as Pepper Lunch, but not too cheap either.

We ordered their Strawberry Iced Tea, price is P37.00. But it was really really yummy!!! I super enjoyed this drink.

The order was served with their soup of the day. I liked it, but O put more pepper.

Here's my order. Pepper Beef Steak (Jumbo), with rice, beans, corn and carrots, and as mentioned, served with soup. This one costs P215.00, but the regular size is P127.00.

O's Yakiniku Steak (Jumbo) also complete with the toppings above. Price is P205.00 for jumbo, regular is P122.00. (As seen in the photo, O was already diving in his meal. Hehe!)

The restaurant was okay, it had clean tables, there was television, they also had a bar which was pretty cool. So if your'e dining solo, you can opt to sit there. The food wasn't so bad either. Of course, you can't compare it with Pepper Lunch. But it wasn't so bad, it was pretty good actually. Also very filling. As H said, he wouldn't invite me to eat there if he knew the restau wasn't good. And mind you, H ate here the night before. So for a person to eat the same food two days straight, that means there's something good about it. I really really like their sauce as well. They have two kinds of sauce, a regular one and the other one's a little bit spicy. I love love the spicy one! I put it on my steak and my rice. It was yummy! Our conclusion is the sauce really made the difference and it's what makes the food as delicious as it is!

So if you're on a budget, this is the way to go. They have a meal that's as low as P82.00 only. So it's not so bad. I'd definitely dine here again, but not anytime soon. :)

Star Carrots Pepper Steak
Level 5, Robinsons Metro East Mall,
Marcos Highway, Pasig City

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Robinson's Haul

I promised myself I wouldn't buy too much, and well... I didn't. Just these two goodies that I really really really need.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Caramel and Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Rajah

Spotlight on Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse in Caramel. It retails P599.20 but since Robinson's was on sale, it was 20% off! I got it for P479.20.

Swatch: I didn't blend the color yet. I got this shade for clients who are morena. I don't have this shade yet.

Blended. The finish was mousse, it was a bit cold, and when applied, it gives a soft finish but full coverage. I really like it. It blends well most especially after using a finishing powder just to set the makeup.

Spotlight on Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Rajah. I got this for P399, regular price. Boo! Haha!

I like using two way cake although I don't really use it wet. I just find the coverage heavier even though it's powder. The product has a sponge also, I don't use the sponge though.

Swatch of Rajah. I bought this shade since this was the darkest shade. And I'm a big fan of Fanny Serrano products. It's one of the best quality local products. :) I love their products!

Closer look. I'll be using this shade for contouring.

So reviews to follow once I've used and roadtested these. :)

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