Brooklyn Pizza

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A whole lot of lovin' for a whole lot of pizza!

As you read this blog, you'll find out what things I truly adore in my life, and that is my pets, food, relaxation and of course, beauty. :)

One pizza place I really like going to is Brooklyn Pizza. They offer enormous pizzas at reasonable price. Isn't that what we want? :)

Just how big is it? It might not look too big in this photo. But this can feed 6 people or more!

Plus, another great thing about this is you can choose different flavors to compose your pizza. They don't limit you to just one flavor, but you can choose 4 different flavors!

When I was younger, I could finish a family size pizza by myself (as long as I'm given time and I eat it at my own pace.) That's how much of a pizza lover I am! But now that gigantic pizzas are in, I'm already full with 2 slices of pizza. For normal people, 1 slice will already make them happy! :)

Brooklyn has several branches already and they deliver too!

Here are some of their branches: Visit the one near you! :D

Makati: 1176-C Chino Roces Ave., San Antonio Village

Parañaque: 15 President's Ave., Tahanan Village

Tomas Morato: 376-7676

Ortigas: City Golf Complex, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas

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  1. I love Brooklyn Pizza!!!! Especially their cheese pizza..yummy! You made me hungry

  2. - Stilettos to Sweets -December 18, 2008 at 10:45 AM

    Me.. I love Porko. Haha! I'm a meat person kasi. :)


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