FOTD: Green Day

A very very very hectic schedule I'm in. I can't even hold regular workshops as of the moment because of my busy schedule. But I managed to do this tutorial before I went out. :p

Pls. excuse my zit. :(

Prep your whole face (and your eyes most especially) with primer. I used Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream.

Buff your face with foundation. Normally I use mineral foundation since I like the light feeling but full coverage. :) I'm using Charlene matte foundation.

Umm... sneaky me! This is how I make my fotd/eotds. :)

Conceal and lighten dark areas such as eyebags. I'm using mineral makeup again. Using Buttercup lidwash to disguise my eyebags. Huhu!

Left: concealed with Buttercup; Right: without.

Conceal red areas such as the sides of the nose, blemishes, etc. I used Max Factor in Nuvo Beige cream concealer.

Now on to the eyes...

I'm using these two shades from my Elianto eyeshadow palette.

First is use the lighter shade and apply over lids.

Next is to apply the darker shadow at the outer v of the eye to create dimension.

This is how it should look like. (Taken without flash)

After blending well, highlight the brow are with an off-white shade. I used Elianto off-white eyeshadow.

Next is to use a neutral color that is close to your skin tone just to bridge the gap between the colors.

Here's how it should look: (taken without flash)

Use the light green shade on the lower lashline. Stay on the inner side.

Next is to use the darker shade and apply it on the outer side.

Apply liquid eyeliner and tightline with pencil eyeliner to make your eyes bigger and more alive. I used Fashion 21 liquid eyeliner in black and Nichido pencil eyeliner in black for tightlining.

Curl lashes and apply mascara. I used Winc Instant Lash Duo to make my lashes look longer because of its fibers.


On to the eyebrows:

Groom your eyebrows with brown eyebrow powder. Use one shade lighter than your hair. I'm using In2It Eyebrow Powder.

For the face:

I contour my cheeks, since I have a round shape face. For countouring, use a darker shade of foundation (either cream or powder). I normally use powder foundation so it's light. I use Fanny Serrano foundation in Almond.

How it would look: (Yihee!! Smaller cheeks!)

Next is for blush. I opted to use a bronzer for this. Used Shiseido Luminizing Brush Powder in Bronze Shimmer, which I have reviewed before.


I used a nude lipliner to fill my lips. Lipliners is a must if you want your lipstick to stay on longer. Here I used Shiseido in Mauve-Brown.

For color: I chose to use a peachy shade of lipstick from my Fanny Serrano lip palette .

Finish off by setting the makeup with charged face mist. I'm using Skin Hour Firming & Clarifying Toner.


Happy happy! :D



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