When it rain, it pours

When it rain, it pours... that's how I would describe yesterday. I was in a big hole and was feeling so bad words cannot describe it. From the start of the day until I go to bed, stress, problems seemed to take its toll on me. I wanted to stay home today, rest for a while and not do anything, but I couldn't. I'll be meeting with clients and some suppliers today and I've already confirmed the schedule. I know I have to snap out of this real soon, but I wanted to allow myself to feel how I'm feeling for the time being because I know it's valid.

How many times have people told you to "be strong, and ignore what others are saying and thinking". This is true and if I wasn't in this predicament, I would say the same too. But honestly, is it that easy? It's not. I've learned that we have let ourselves feel tired, hurt, angry, emotional sometimes. Those feeling will make us stronger one day, sooner hopefully, but we have to feel it and let emotions flow.

I'm so grateful that my family was there to back me up to comfort me during these times. I know that they're also worried about me, my welfare. And I cannot thank them enough for simply being there. Because of these times, I also learned who my real and true friends are. I'm so lucky to have found friends I can trust. Two of my friends, Mari and Vassy dropped everything when I asked them to meet me. They didn't know what my situation is, but they were there, with just one call (or email).

I'm still feeling low as of this moment, but knowing that I am loved and that life must go on, I know I'll be fine, soon I hope. For now, I'm just happy that I feel better than yesterday. Though my heart is still aching, my mind still throbbing, it's a lot better now.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for letting me feel this way for now. Thank you for simply being who you are.



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