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I have been quite busy lately that I haven't had time to post new and exciting entries. So here I am with an eye makeup tutorial.
I find eye makeup really challenging but fun. It's all about blending and combination of color and balance. Thus, the eye makeup is really the one responsible for making the whole look stand out! (That is if you're not wearing red lipstick.)
One day when I got home, I saw my old sarong (sarong is cover up in English). Sarongs are always coloful and mine was no exception. My sarong had a lot of pink, blue, purple and green. So I was inspired to do a colorful eye makeup tutorial. :)
My eye. (You can see a crease because of my oily lids.) :(
Prep the entire eye with primer. I'm using Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream.

I'm using my Elianto palette for my eye color since I bought lots of candy eye colors. I'm using this cool pink shade.
Using my Suesh eyeshadow brush. I apply to the center of my lid.

Here's how it should look:
Next is to apply the second color which I'll be putting on the inner corner of my eye. I'm using the apple green shade.
Apply it from the inner corner blending to the pink shade.
Unblended version:
Blend it well so that the demarkation goes away.

My third shade, I'm using the dark blue shade from my palette.

I apply it on the outer corner of my eye forming a v shape.
Like this:
Blend blend blend!
Now for highlight, I'm using Lancome Color Focus in Moonlight.
Line the eye with liquid eyeliner. I'm using Fashion 21 liquid eyeliner in black.
Add some color on the lower lashline. I used the apple green and cool pink shades.
Lastly curl the lashes and add mascara. I used Maybelline Unstopabble Shiny Black mascara.
Final look:



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