Busy Bee & House

By 4:18 PM

Hi guys,
Just want to share I've been so busy and I'll be quite busy these coming weeks, because of personal matters. Nevertheless, I'll still be posting time and time again, so keep us in your bookmark.

Did I mention... I've only watched 2 full episodes of House? Haha! Well I find him quite funny amidst his obnoxious acts and speeches. Anyways, I don't follow the series but if I catch it on, I watch it.

I saw this poster, I think House is already on its 5th season. I found it funny. This is really HIS personality! Haha! :)

Do you watch House too? What series do you follow?

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  1. ohh! i love house! i love how he's always right. :) they just finished an episode at axn. i can't wait for the next one! :)

  2. I actually like this show as well. Another show I'm digging at the moment is "Fringe." You should check it out online. :)

  3. - Stilettos to Sweets -September 22, 2008 at 10:40 AM

    Sab: It's funny that he's always right noh? Haha! Even if he's so freaking annoying, he still manages to save his butt. Haha!

    Alyssa: What is it about? :) Hmm... curious!


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