Allergies. I think everyone has allergies. Some are mild and some are really dangerous that can even lead to death. I have read an article about dangerous allergies that led to death of several teenagers in the U.S.

Personally, I have allergies, but they differ in effects. Most often I keep on sneezing, and some I get red bumps on my body. Let me share with you some of the things I'm allergic to. (I think some of you will pity me.)


Yes I am allergic to crabs. I don't think I was born allergic to it, because I remember munching on crabs when I was younger. My parents would crack the shell for me so I can eat the meat easily. But eventually as I grew up, I started getting red bumps whenever I eat crabs.


I'm also allergic to shrimps. However, it's quite weird because I can eat tempura, and I do eat tempura. However, for other dishes, I also get red bumps. I also used to eat shrimps, but got allergies same time as I got allergic to crabs. I wonder why?! H says it may be the way the shrimps are prepared and cooked. Some shrimp dishes need the shrimps to be deveined first before cooking. H says I might be allergic to the vein and not really the meat of the shrimp.

Oh well whatever it is, I've decided to abstain from eating crabs and shrimps. (Poor me as they say) Since I'm pure Chinese, we would always order shrimps and crabs during special occassions, and yes, I don't eat the crabs and shrimps. My dad never fails to order my fish or other meat just to make sure I have something to eat. My mom says I have to regularly eat them to boost my "immunity" to the allergies. But nah, I've accepted the fact that I will never eat crabs and shrimps again. Good thing those are my only allergies! Imagine if I'm allergic to chicken or beef. Oh no!!!! ;)

How about you? What are you allergic to?

Photo credit: Hilda Bonnevie



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