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Because of the Pepper Steak fad, I had to try Star Carrots. It's located in Metro East mall. I've seen this restau a couple of times before but didn't really know that they served pepper steak. How would think they do, the name of the restaurant's Star Carrots? I've always thought it's a vegetarian diner. Anyways, H tried this the night before. He was really hungry so when he saw that it was steak they were best known for, he tried it out. And the day of me trying Star Carrots for the first time arrived.

Here is the view from the outside.

According to the palace mat, they are the first in the Philippines to serve Pepper Steak, and they serve fast. (Actually they do. After about 10 minutes or less, we already got our orders. Although we ate around 5-530pm, so there were not much customers yet.)

Here is the menu. Not too expensive as Pepper Lunch, but not too cheap either.

We ordered their Strawberry Iced Tea, price is P37.00. But it was really really yummy!!! I super enjoyed this drink.

The order was served with their soup of the day. I liked it, but O put more pepper.

Here's my order. Pepper Beef Steak (Jumbo), with rice, beans, corn and carrots, and as mentioned, served with soup. This one costs P215.00, but the regular size is P127.00.

O's Yakiniku Steak (Jumbo) also complete with the toppings above. Price is P205.00 for jumbo, regular is P122.00. (As seen in the photo, O was already diving in his meal. Hehe!)

The restaurant was okay, it had clean tables, there was television, they also had a bar which was pretty cool. So if your'e dining solo, you can opt to sit there. The food wasn't so bad either. Of course, you can't compare it with Pepper Lunch. But it wasn't so bad, it was pretty good actually. Also very filling. As H said, he wouldn't invite me to eat there if he knew the restau wasn't good. And mind you, H ate here the night before. So for a person to eat the same food two days straight, that means there's something good about it. I really really like their sauce as well. They have two kinds of sauce, a regular one and the other one's a little bit spicy. I love love the spicy one! I put it on my steak and my rice. It was yummy! Our conclusion is the sauce really made the difference and it's what makes the food as delicious as it is!

So if you're on a budget, this is the way to go. They have a meal that's as low as P82.00 only. So it's not so bad. I'd definitely dine here again, but not anytime soon. :)

Star Carrots Pepper Steak
Level 5, Robinsons Metro East Mall,
Marcos Highway, Pasig City

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  1. Jumbo size, whoa ! It's more expensive but it looks so good. I bet it's worth it ! And You can take some to home :D I really wanna try these. Awww looks so yummy

  2. you are a "pepper" anything eater! heheheh you are so into Pepper Lunch that when you saw any resto with Pepper on it! you will try it no? hahaha

    thanks for the review! I enjoyed the photos!

  3. - Stilettos to Sweets -August 21, 2008 at 4:26 PM

    Digital Angel: Haha! Their jumbo wasn't actually huge. It's a full plate. :) Unless you're a small eater, jumbo's pretty regular. Haha! :) It is yummy, especially the sauce. I loved it! And the strawberry iced tea!

    Nikki: Haha! I know! I loved Pepper Lunch, that I had to try Star Carrots so I can compare them. :p I have been trying other restaus as well, but I wasn't able to take photos nga lang. Sayang! I don't bring my camera with me all the time kasi, so I make use of my camera phone. :)


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