MAC Technakohl in Greyprint and Uniform

Spotlight on my 2 MAC Technakohl eyeliners. As I've said in my previous entry, I'll try to review the products. So now, it's time to talk about the Technakohl eyeliners I got.

Uniform and Greyprint

First stop, Greyprint...

I lined my eyes, just the top part. Didn't put any eyeshadow for that "daytime and simple look".

Wasn't able to tightline, sorry! :) The color looks great. It gives the eye a little "pop", a little something that we can't pinpoint.

Now, for Uniform...

I lined both top and bottom close to the lashline.

I like the shade of Uniform. When you just look at the eyeliner pencil, you'd think it's mostly a hint of green, but when you apply it, as seen in the photo, it looks more brown than green.

I curled my lashes and put Winc Instant Lash Duo Mascara for a sexy look.

Thoughts on the product: I really like these liners. I've never been a pencil eyeliner kind of girl, I'd rather use foiled mineral eyeliner, because it's really easier to handle. But now I'm beginning to really enjoy and learn more using pencil liners. Technakohl doesn't smudge! So if you want to smudge your liner, this is not for you. But for smudge-free lining, this is great! I have really oily lids as I've mentioned over and over here. So putting primer is always a must for me. So before I put anything on my eye, I start with Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream. The line stays put for hours! No need to retouch. Plus, I like using eyeliner when I'm too lazy to wear makeup or if I'm just going to do an errand. You don't have to be madeup all the time, so just a sweep of eyeliner, voila, you're great!

For Greyprint: The color is nice since it gives your eyes a little "pop", a subtle one. However, I realized when I roadtested the products that this shade isn't advisable to acidic people like me. Since my eyelids tend to go grayish and dark, the greyprint shade looks too gray, and not in a good way. I can still use this, but maybe I have to put shadow first to counter the acidity and the color.

For Uniform: I am a fan of this shade! I love the fact that it looks a little green and brown at the same time. It reminds me of "army", this shade. I wear it alone with a clean face and pink or red lips. :) I really really like this color! And it's not as harsh as black eyeliners. Love it!



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