Fanny Serrano Lip Palette

One of my favorite lip palettes, affordable and pigmented- Fanny Serrano. They have two palettes, one is for warm tones and the other for cooler. I have the warm palette. I actually got this palette for school back when I was taking up my Makeup course.

I'd like to show you how we can achieve a "pouty red lips" by using this palette and some basic lip products.
Here is the photo of the Fanny Serrano warm lip palette.
When opened...
My nude lips. I applied Kiss Kiss Balm Balm lip balm.
Then I apply lip pencil. I used Clinique Chubby Stick in Vanilla Brownie. This will even make the lipstick last longer. Don't put lipliner on the entire lips. Leave four spaces on each side.
Then put concealer or foundation on those four spaces. This is the secret to pouty lips! :p I used Max Factor cream foundation.
Next is to follow with lipstick. From the lip palette, I used the red color; coz I'd like to achieve the infamous "red lips".

The result, tada....
Thoughts on the product: I love love love this Fanny Serrano lip palette. It has a wide variety of color and it's perfect for Asian skin, generally that is. Since most of us have warm skin tone. I love all the colors, and what I do is I mix them too. I use this for myself and for my clients. I even used the gold color for one of my male models before! Haha! This is definitely a great great find! :)



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