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I got an Elianto Baked Shadow in Marble Blue and I'm loving the color! I actually really like Elianto shadows. It's not as expensive as other brands but you get a wonderful color. I have a whole palette which I got for my Makeup school before. I'll be reviewing and sharing it next time. :) It's already a bit messy though, hehe!

Anyway, here is the Elianto baked shadow.

When opened...

Here is the swatch (with my Suesh brush)

Now for a little tut... my eyes again (I took this photo 8pm, so again droopy eyes :p)

For a daytime look, I just started with an offwhite Elianto eye shadow and used it on the entire lid and created an outer v using the Elianto baked shadow.

Here's how it looks like after putting Elianto shadow in gold as midtone.

Finish off with Winc Instant Lash Duo mascara.

If you want to make it more dramatic, maybe for an evening date? I simply put more color on top of the offwhite shadow and I used Fashion 21 liquid eyeliner in Black but made the line thin.

When closed...

Make sure that the eyes are always smiling... *secret to looking young! :p

How about an avant garde look using the Elianto baked shadow in Marble Blue? I used the offwhite eyeshadow and spread it under the eye and added more above the blue shadow. I used the blue shadow for my brows and pulled it to the side for a more dramatic effect. What's the black line? It's Elianto black eyeshadow. I simply used an eyeliner brush for this.

Thoughts on the product: I love this product! :D The color's great! It has a little sparkle. And as seen on the photos above, it's very versatile. You can use it for different looks. :) I still have to see the other color availables if I'm going to purchase again. But I really really like this blue. You can use the dark blue color only, or the light blue. Or like what I did, combining it by swirling the brush to get both colors.

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  1. oh wow! i love how it looks on you! unfortunately this is the only color that i didn't get because i think i can't pull off blues. too bad!

    did you get them on sale too? :)

    i linked you btw! :)

  2. - Stilettos to Sweets -July 23, 2008 at 11:07 AM

    Thanks sab! Did you know that browns/oranges and blue go together perfectly? So I can't think why you can't pull it off! Blues are great for morenas especially! :p

    Unfortunately no, I didn't get them on sale. What other colors did you get? :)


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